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Walk through our indoor cbd hemp farm, producing the highest quality flower on the market full compliance In land-strapped Singapore, farming is not a word one hears often. But a group of urban farmers working in the heart of the city-state are looking to change that. The Citizen Farm houses indoor farms for herbs and traditional soil-based plants as well as a fishery. But the coolest part is the Insectta, where they breed black soldier flies to help convert food waste into fertilizer. Yep, you read that right. Want to know more? Join us live as our reporter Miro Lu gets her hands dirty and takes us through Asia’s modern and unique farm. Related PostsNew Home Scale Indoor Vertical Hydroponics Farm – Part ThreeHow This Indoor Vertical Farm Makes Perfect Japanese Strawberries — VendorsInside the futuristic indoor farm that could revolutionize agriculture in the UAE | The EdgeHow to Build Mini Indoor Microgreen Farm Shelf DIYBiggest Indoor Vertical Farm in the Middle EastNew Home Scale Indoor Vertical Hydroponics Farm – Part Two


Vertical farming



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  • David Muas 1 month ago

    What’s your contact information? I own a cbd business.

  • derty MI QWERTY 1 month ago

    tight work

  • rob_the_med_ grower 1 month ago

    where you guys located? in the he USA?

  • rob_the_med_ grower 1 month ago

    nice and clean facility. excuse my ignorance , but how do you have seedlings , flowering and seeded plants all in the same room when two of those need 12/12 lighting and the seedlings need 18/6 and those pollinated flowering plants won’t spread any left over pollen into the air and screw up your other plants? maybe i didn’t hear you right but the plants that look like seedlings at around 5:205:35 are they vegging plants? or am i completely wrong and misheard everything? like i said , looks like you could eat off that floor.

  • _GrowLife 1 month ago

    That’s the Bizness

  • Grow Clean Green 1 month ago

    your place is insane dude!!!

  • Mongolian Horse 1 month ago


  • MKZ Kay'z 1 month ago

    Good Urban Farming story, its good info for me to setup my Vertical Farming Project in Brunei.

  • Nimota Nasiru 1 month ago

    this is really cool

  • branden 1 month ago

    learning something new today

  • Sigmundy Freud 1 month ago

    CGTN is one of my favorite channel of news on utube , clever and life at the center of information . THANKS

  • epSos Premium 1 month ago

    Nice job. Urban farmer is like getting the best of both. Working with plants, while still living in the city 🙂

  • The kittey ADEN 1 month ago

    Man that's what I'm talking about. But I'm picturing big ware house with multiple levels growing food.