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More on the caterpillar to butterfly kit: When you order your caterpillar kit or the caterpillar refills, you are requesting the SEND date, not the date you want to receive it. Please make sure you are aware of that. So take into account your postal system which in most places is 2 to 3 days and plan accordingly. You will receive 5 caterpillars if you’ve got the caterpillar growing kit and these will be somewhere between a couple of millimeters to around 7 or 8mm. Caterpillar food is supplied in the pot (that brown stuff at the bottom). There is more than plenty for the caterpillars to survive until they turn into a chrysalis. Don’t remove the lid as it’s not necessary and you may actually lose a caterpillar in the process, sometimes they are really tiny! The lid also contains a special mat for the caterpillars to grip onto when they are ready to turn into a chrysalis. You’ll notice the caterpillars grow really fast! Don’t leave the caterpillar kits pot in sunlight. Put it on a shelf where the sun doesn’t shine directly on it, but where you can view it on a daily basis. Don’t be tempted to put extra food in the pot. It’s really not necessary and the food will rot causing a problem for the survival of the caterpillars. caterpillar to butterfly caterpillar to butterfly kit caterpillars to butterflies caterpillar kit caterpillar butterfly kit caterpillar growing kit caterpillar kits caterpillar grow kit caterpillar to butterfly kit for kids caterpillar refills for butterfly kits butterfly caterpillar kit caterpillar into butterfly kit grow caterpillars into butterflies caterpillar hatching kit grow your own caterpillar kit hatching caterpillars into butterflies butterfly garden caterpillar refill live butterfly garden caterpillar refill caterpillar order live butterfly garden caterpillars watch […]

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  • Hoa Phan 1 year ago

    My kids are always so excited at the first signs of Spring and the beginning of their gardening season. We’ve had a few false starts for Spring this year so I thought I’d whip together a Spring Flowers play dough kit to perk the kids up and give them a chance to play with some flowers – even if our reals ones haven’t poked through the ground yet!