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Purchase Asian vegetable seed and cookware: Today we are dealing with little caterpillars. Please skip this if you are uncomfortable for killing caterpillars. One of the serious pest problems in vegetable garden is caterpillar. It happens several times a year. They propagate fast, spread widely and develop resistance to pesticide easily. For back yard gardening, we want to use minimum or no pesticide. Then what can we do to control caterpillar problem? Related PostsEasy Organic Pest Control for Your Vegetable GardenOrganic Pest Control – End Problems with Bugs Forever in Your GardenNatural Pest Control for Healthy Plants in your Vegetable GardenEASY Organic Pest Control – Vegetables Fruits Seedlings Plants in the GardenHow NOT To Control Pests In An Organic GardenNatural Weed Control in the Vegetable Garden – GardenFork

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  • paulsjunkcars 3 weeks ago

    Great video.

  • Divine Dumangas 3 weeks ago

    OMG I'm scared to touch caterpillar .

  • Marck Valer 3 weeks ago

    Have you tried BT?? Bacillus thuringiensis It is organic and very effective

  • Tiwi Tiwi 3 weeks ago

    Thx for sharing.

  • Dawn Pleasant 3 weeks ago

    Your garden is so beautiful and productive. Powdery mildew kills my squash plants before caterpillars can invade. Thanks for the information.

  • ANTONIO PAGAN 3 weeks ago

    Is ur garden here in Fl I live in kissimmee

  • JIK MIK GARDEN 3 weeks ago


  • Scientific Logic 3 weeks ago

    Good idea! Physical method is far better than chemical method for human and the environment.
    Good Job!

  • I heard brewing compost tea and spraying them helps. I tried compost tea on my tomatoes, and it effectively got rid of the Horn Worms without using BT Spray. They've attacked my ENTIRE garden, including baby longan tree!

  • Ri Le 3 weeks ago


  • Malini S 3 weeks ago

    Thank you.

  • jan Penland 3 weeks ago

    I pop the smaller caterpillars and pick off the larger ones to feed to my chickens. The chickens love them and it gives them extra protein. I also make sure to remove and crush any eggs that I find.

  • Dolly Perry 3 weeks ago

    Very good!

  • Cindy Hewatt 3 weeks ago

    I must try the formula of blending the caterpillar with pumpkin leaves to get rid of those slugs and snails, I might blend slugs and cabbage leaves together….thanks for sharing, Regine!

  • D M Manju 3 weeks ago

    Good info ,l liked your garden arrangements very much ,I'm planning for it for my garden

  • varghese thomas agriculture is my life 3 weeks ago

    What type of fertiliser using for plant and how many days between.

  • Maggie Guerra 3 weeks ago

    How do you get rid of leaf miners?