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we are a creating VERTICLE FARMING model . VERTICLE FARMING is a reflection of sun and growth plants very fast . So we are a save land .

EPIC Rooftop Farming in Spain (Full Tour + Calçot Harvest and Cook)

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My friend Robert Strauss is The Gardener On The Roof. I met him in Barcelona, Spain and had to come to his house to see his highly-productive and creative rooftop garden. In fact, it's more ...

Vertical aeroponic tower garden ideas

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Vertical aeroponic tower garden ideas

Wind Energy Disadvantages

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HYDROPONICS EPISODE 1: Vertical A-Frame NFT System | Greengold Farms

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GREENGOLD FARMS PAMPANGA CONTACT US: (045) 409 1127 0945 - 840 - 9060 Visit our Lazada Store: Visit our Website: https://www.greengold...

கிருஷ்ணனை பற்றி சொல்ல மறந்த கதை | Who is Krishna ? #BhagavadGita #DudeVicky #Saatai | IBC Tamil

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#KrishnanStory #Sattai #DudeVicky #bhagavadgita #IBCTAMIL Subscribe us : Website : YouTube : Facebook : htt...

Dr Dickson Despommier on vertical farming

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The father of the vertical farming movement is Dr. Dickson Despommier. He's a former Columbia University professor of microbiology and public health. In 2010, he published "The Vertical Farm...

Initial Investments for our Start-up Hydroponic business

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Garfield Produce Vlog: Episode 4 With my new camera and FCPX I was able to gather enough footage to put together this video. It's not the most succinct but if you are a fan of what we are d...

SGS Vertical Sea of Green: Week 6 of 8

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Produce more canopy faster using less space with the Sea of Green application and Smart Grow Systems vertical solutions. SGS GOLDENi 600 vertical frames and remote power systems reduce heat...

Believe It Or Not, This Can Grow Tons Of Potatoes in a Trash Bag

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Potatoes are a nutritious and delicious starchy tuber, and they're a source of potassium, fiber, protein, vitamins C and B6, and iron. There are lots of ways you can eat potatoes, but they a...

Ford Assembly Plant/ First Impression

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35 Views20 Comments's Kelsey Mays walks you through the Chicago Ford Assembly Plant.

FOOD FOR THE FUTURE – A Short Documentary

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Ahead of World Food Day, we’re premiering a new documentary film, Food for the Future (#Food4theFuture). It documents the world’s current food revolution. Global agriculture generates as mu...

GSM Solutions – Why Vertical Farms Fail

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1. They only use artificial light. This is an immediate cost disadvantage because sunlight is free, and there are many existing buildings that either have good windows or doors that can be ...

ABSURD Advantages of Indoor Farms! (Part 3)

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We’ve talked about why we’ll starve with conventional farming, we’ve talked about indoor farms are, but.. How exactly will indoor farms keep us fed in the apocalypse? What are the absurd adv...

9. The Benefits of Vertical Farming & Other Bits

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Made entirely on snapchat. Complied in Camtasia Studio 8. Shot on a Sony Xperia C3 Dual. To see these 24-48 hours in advance, add 'VOIDJUMPER' on snapchat. For full length films subscribe ...