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Bowery Farming Leads the Way with Indoor Agriculture to Help Feed a Growing Population

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Watch more of the best in tech and startup news: Bowery Farming is leading the way with indoor agriculture in this farming startup. As the population continues to grow, ...

Early Spring 2016, Welcome To The Rootzone! Aeroponic Roots Are Just Amazing

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A peek at those pearly white roots! Looking forward to continuing the development/playing scientist with our customers. Grow potatoes, grow tomatoes, heck grow ginseng! This is making our dr...

Vertical farm nets tall yields

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In an area of Texas known by locals as “East of Weird” because of its proximity to progressive Austin, a farm is yielding many bushels of fruit and vegetables on a space no larger than a par...

Experiments in small space gardening in Mexico City

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The urban gardeners from Mexico City's Huerto Romita share their experiments in square foot gardening, DIY vertical gardens, permaculture, herb spirals, hydroponics, rainwater catchment, and...

Hydroponics – Seoul’s farm of the future

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262 Views6 Comments Hydroponics (From the Greek words hydro, water and ponos, labor) is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without s...

Oklahoma Agriculture: Past, Present, and Future ::: Kirkpatrick Foundation

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Oklahoma Agriculture: Past, Present, and Future Directed by Christopher Hunt (1577 Productions) | Kirkpatrick Foundation Since the 1800s, farming and ranching have been central to Oklahoma'...

LEDs for Indoor Farmers

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Read more: LEDs are the golden child of the indoor growing industry right now, and that's no surprise. Indoor f...

Ajay Naik, CEO- Letcetra Agritech Pvt Ltd talking about hydroponics technique On Green TV

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Ajay Naik, CEO- Letcetra Agritech Pvt Ltd talking about Hydroponics Techniques On Green TV For more programmes please visit our website: You can like us on o...

Make Easy Homemade Aeroponics System With 4 Simple Steps- Gardening Tips

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Your plant how to grow hydroponic gardening system steps by step tutorial 3 why choose plants in a system; 4 what do i need get started? 5 where 11. For instance, make a 7 8 inch hole for 3 ...

Soil Matters On the Farm

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Soil and water are some of the most valuable resources for farmers. Farmers can apply their own skills to stay resilient through proven methods of soil stewardship. Farmer and rancher Gabe ...

Pruning & Training Tomato Plants To Grow In A Vertical Garden For Maximum Health And Yields

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Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert from shares pruning methods and support techniques for growing tomatoes in a vertical garden for maximum health & fruit yields...

Barrel Aquaponics – Vertical Grow Tower Combined

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Just a proof of concept and my first attempt at an aquaponics system Video Rating: / 5

One Innovator Thinks Farms Need To Grow Vertical: Futurism Originals

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Vertical farming may address many issues of the current system of agriculture. Futurism's mission is to empower our readers and drive the development of transformative technologies towards...

India’s Crop Surveys : Why trade associations have to intervene

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India's scientific approach to agriculture is either in the government files or inside the various agriculture universities across India. No surveys are carried out and no information dissem...

Chicago plant aquaponics

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