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Designer Casey Boyter found a new love to combine her interest in garden design and architecture: green roofs. After a cross-country tour to explore every green roof she could find, she returned to Austin, Texas to bring green roofs to everyone. On a 250 square foot roof on a new bunkhouse at her home, she designed an intensive green roof that supports waterwise cascading roses, perennials that attract wildlife, clumping grasses, and even a tiny lawn. Music provided by Sandy Carson of Iglomat. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCentral Texas Gardener | Nov. 16.13 | Fun garden ideas from recyclesAquaponics | Austin Aquaponics | Central Texas GardenerCinder Block Vegetable Garden | Christine and Richard Alcorta |Central Texas GardenerOutstanding Succulent Design |Jeff Pavlat |Central Texas GardenerCrockett High School gardens and aquaponics |Central Texas GardenerSucculent hanging baskets |John Dromgoole |Central Texas Gardener

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  • David Gilmore 5 months ago

    This is very good leadership in the development of green roofs in Texas, and provides excellent information. Good job, Casey!
    David Gilmore, Green Roof Specialist, Etera,