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Techos verdes. Techos vivos increíbles! Video Rating: / 5 A grassroots movement to fight air pollution and rising temperatures in the city is moving to the ballot. Related PostsMuros Verdes o Jardines Verticales Siempre VivosVenta 12 Casas Nuevas con RoofgardenGreen Roof Technology By Air – Aerial View of Green Roof Solutions -Techos VerdesEco Roof – Techos VerdesTechos verdesMarco legal de los techos verdes y jardines verticales en el D.C.

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  • Tyl Cu 1 year ago

    Green roofs are cool but a mandate limits what you can do. And there is a massive amount of cool things people are thinking for roofs and going green.

  • jeff brinning 1 year ago

    It's a neeto idea, I'll give'm that. What really should be considered is the cost.