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Casanovas And Rooftop Gardens Were Very Popular Twin Nightclubs In The Town Of Wakefield, West Yorkshire Back In The 1980s. Here You Can Revisit These Venues And Relive Moments From This Golden Era, You May Even Spot Yourself On The Dancefrloor Growing vegetables on Roof is not at all difficult. You just need to work out space and soil. See one example of Rooftop garden in Delhi where first cultivation of brinjal is being shown. This is not tutorial but showcase of kitchen garden/ rooftop garden. Use your imagination & resources and make one for your self. For any question just leave comment and I try to help you. Related PostsPaul Lamont DJing at Rooftop Gardens Wakefield In 1986GardenWise Rooftop Gardens and Vegetative RoofRooftop Gardens in NYC: America’s Heartland SeriesPersian Wedding | Kensington Rooftop Gardens | Bloomsbury Films ®Growing a Greener World – Green Roofs Rooftop GardensYorkshire Garden Designer – Design Your Own Garden Course at Middlethorpe Hall, York

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  • Ashish Bansal 1 year ago

    hi …im from delhi and i planted brinjal plant on my rooftop …but after a long time it don't give me fruit …
    some times flowers might come but that drops …nothung else …
    i used to give born mill khad and water daily …
    kindly suggest

  • Kitchen Gardening 1 year ago

    good, also visit my kitchen gardening

  • LearningDaily 1 year ago

    wow nice garden