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seeds are used for growing carrot, we can try the same at our home vegetable garden this season. i have collected seeds from shops, once you collected the seeds we can start the preparations. here i am sowing seeds directly to the container. it’s main root converting as output, so here i am not using seeding trays for making seedlings. damage in main root may affect the output, so sowing the seeds directly. container is filled with potting mix, it contains soil (treated with lime for reducing acidity), coco peat, rotted cow manure, bone meal, neem cake etc. seeds will start germination in few days, we will continue this Carrot growing video series. subscribe for latest videos, comment your feedback and suggestions. Our english channel – Like Our Facebook Page – Visit Our Website – Malayalam Krishi Website – Related PostsHow to Plant a Vegetable Garden: Tips on Growing Home Grown VegetablesTomatoes Growing Tips with Organic Soil in Vegetable GardenGrowing Plants Vertically Using A Simple Low Cost DIY Garden ArborGrowing a Vegetable Garden Update Tips & Tricks June 30 2014My organic vegetable garden + some tips for growing your own food!ടെറസില്‍ കൃഷി ചെയ്യുമ്പോള്‍ ശ്രദ്ധിക്കേണ്ട കാര്യങ്ങള്‍ – Terrace Vegetable Gardening

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  • Ende Krishi 1 week ago

    ഗ്രോ ബാഗിൽ നടുന്നതുകൊണ്ടാണോ കാരറ്റ് ചെറുത് ആകുന്നത്??

  • SHOUFI M MUHAMMED 1 week ago

    പൊടിമണ്ണ് തന്നെ വേണം എന്നുണ്ടോ? തറയിൽപാകുമ്പോൾ .

  • Anci Anci 1 week ago

    Thanks… njanum vith paaki veyilathanu vekkunnath

  • APR varsha 1 week ago

    ഞാൻ കാരറ്റ് ചെയ്തു വിജയിച്ചു .ഒരുപാട് വലിയത് അല്ല .