Added by on 2015-01-31 01. Central Plains 0:00 02. Tensor 8:25 03. MOS 6581 (album… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsCarbon Based Lifeforms – Hydroponic Garden [Full Album HD]Carbon Based Lifeforms – Hydroponic Garden (2015 24-bit Remaster) [Full Album]carbon based lifeforms – hydroponic gardenCarbon Based Lifeforms – Hydroponic Garden [2003] . HQ311 – Hydroponic (Full Album)“Full Hydroponic Herb Garden Guide” by Epic Gardening

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  • mindmaurader767 5 years ago

    I found this music 2 years ago.. suicidal, depressed, lost.. it is now a
    part of me. a part of my life, a point of reference in life. each song has
    such a profound and different emotional attachment to it. CBL… wow.?

  • Billy Gilhooley 5 years ago

    im a myotherapist and hypnotherapist and incorporate carbon based lifeforms
    in all of my treatments. clients really respond particularly well to this
    song. Thank you CBL for making my job so easy 🙂 love the track. thanks for
    the upload, uploader!?

  • blipblip88 5 years ago

    Good chill music….I could live without the vocals, but they make up only
    a bit of it.?

  • Nigel Parry 5 years ago

    Beautiful, wonderful, immersive music :)?

  • Pen and Paper 5 years ago

    cool album artwork! this music is like stepping into a whole new world of
    sonic sound i’m loving it?

  • Shane Aric 5 years ago

    Very nice, and patient.?

  • Axel Lexq 5 years ago

    Genius art!!!!!???????!?

  • Wolfgang Bonitz 5 years ago

    Sowas von Suuuuuuuuper Toll ;-)))?

  • Rosemary McShane 5 years ago

    Hydroponic Garden, released in 2003, is a fine example of two people
    immersing themselves into the world of electronic mixture. The fathers and
    mothers of electronic music would appreciate the nuance and rigor of Carbon
    Based Lifeform

  • DislocatedCardiganV1 5 years ago

    Stellardrone is excellent too. Some ambient music can get a bit too
    “dancey” for me but these and Stellardrone never disappoint 🙂 try Steve
    Roach too if you haven’t already.?

  • Jacob Nelson 5 years ago

    MOS 6581 @ 15:40. It kicks in ? 16:00. That’s the garden baby yeah!
    HiziHyDRO garDEN! ?

  • Klaus Ulmer 5 years ago


  • Atp Services 5 years ago

    it feels like i am on a sedative pill whenever i listen to CBL. no
    headache , no stress . flying high, flying low , no awareness of my
    surroundings :))?

  • Harvey Donald 5 years ago

    15:55 is my favorite?

  • SigilMusic 5 years ago

    My fav CBL’s album.?

  • cary goldfine 5 years ago

    we invite it to find our soul and creates a destination to seduce…?

  • SysLocal 5 years ago

    Just FYI, this isn’t remastered just unmixed.?

  • zerocool0000000000 5 years ago

    1:17:50 I could die to this music?

  • Hosh Hosh Schlongolosh 5 years ago

    Been smashing Psychedelic Muse non stop as I rush towards my thesis
    deadline. Thank you for helping me out and being the only way to stay sane
    in this crazy crazy world.?

  • Toyoka 5 years ago

    Tensor is probably my favorite, has that “Blade Runner” sort-of vibe to it

  • Free Information 5 years ago

    Favorite CBL at the moment. 🙂 … and its more than 10 years old, their
    first album even. It is not music for the future, it is music for eternity!

  • Severina Danielova 5 years ago

    …now lay back and chiiiiiiiiill…?

  • H Kemener 5 years ago

    Love the Pyschedelic Muse. ?