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  • hplover226 5 years ago

    This is the album that actually got me back into writing my novel!?

  • ??????? ????? 5 years ago

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  • Ron Bohlouli 5 years ago

    Earlier today I watched a few documentaries on quantum physics and quantum
    mechanics which explain String, M and W Theories. Now I am absorbing
    Hydroponic Garden (2003) by Carbon Based Lifeforms.
    While listening, it has occurred to me, there is one thing that does unify,
    or at the very least exists in,simultaneously, the microscopic and
    macroscopic. Which is, resonance.
    There, now that I have solved that cosmic puzzle, I will now relax and
    enjoy the creative resonance of this amazing album. ?

  • Sabine Hofmann 5 years ago

    Geil, toll zum lernen, danke sch

  • Kika Mal 5 years ago

    Beautiful music for beautiful carbon based lifeforms! #ambientmusic
    #spacemusic it does remind me of space travel and alternatively a vast
    extraterrestrial jungle with wonderful beasts and organisms in it!
    #imagination is trigered by this music alright!?

  • DaTryHardCamper 5 years ago

    How high are you??

  • Henrique Florsheim 5 years ago

    I need an opinion abou my psybient please?

  • Margarita Elena 5 years ago

    Carbon Based Lifeforms – Hydroponic Garden [2003]

  • Raffaele D'Addario 5 years ago
  • chez117 5 years ago

    Song at 50:00?? Pleaseee?

  • Caldera11 5 years ago

    sounds like good Eve Online background music?

  • Joeriiix3 5 years ago

    Play this track and then open up Rainymood on the background (on only 50%
    volume ).
    Fucking awesome?

  • Lauren Carter 5 years ago

    so beautiful?

  • R. Pelius Cook 5 years ago

    Musical wallpaper at its most perfect.?

  • aertreem 5 years ago


  • Brendan MacLean 5 years ago

    Working on a short story right now. This music helps so much.?

  • James Billet 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for this great upload. I am chillin’ here with my 211.

  • Ronald Thomas 5 years ago

    It’s like alien music, I like it.?

  • adrianjohn read 5 years ago

    You make me sick YouTube… that’s right I’m talking too YOU!?

  • Christian Eis 5 years ago

    Per Zufall im Klassik-Radio Night-Lounge entdeckt. Nachgeforscht und CBL
    entdeckt 🙂
    Noch nie zuvor von denen geh

  • Innercitybuddha 5 years ago

    Amazing album…. thank you.?

  • Thanos Titanian Eternal 5 years ago

    these carbon based albums are hot!?

  • Psyrius 5 years ago

    I love CBL. Such a big inspiration!

    My debut album was released yesterday and I find it real hard to get out on
    the market and music business. If you wanna help a producer that have
    learned everything by himself for 13 years, please take a moment of your
    time and head into my channel and listen to my preview of my debut album
    release 🙂 I would appreciate it alot!

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    If you wish to buy, you can do so on Beatport or Junodownload. It’s
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    If you like my music, please let others know and spread this all over our
    solar system!?

  • Robert I 5 years ago

    Wonderful work. Was inspirational form own work in ambient/experimental
    soundscapes! Made my morning!?

  • Adrian Zieniewicz 5 years ago

    Marvelous, inspiring.?