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Video ini berisi tutorial bagaimana cara bertanam hidroponik sederhana di rumah dengan sistem DFT. Termasuk di dalamnya proses pembuatan instalasi/rangka hidroponik menggunakan pipa PVC dan rangka baja ringan. Uraian lengkap bisa anda baca di Video Rating: / 5 Related Postscara bertanam hydroponicMenanam Cabe dalam Botol Bekas tahap Awal (hydroponic sistem)Plant Toowwer Garden cara Pembibitan hydroponicCARA MEMBUAT VERTICAL GARDEN YOUTUBE.COM, TAMAN VERTIKAL GARDEN, VERTICAL GARDEN INDONESIAInspirasi Desain & Cara Membuat Vertical GardenKAZZ HIDROPONIK – Aturcara Penanaman Set Hidroponik Domestik (Easy Hydroponics)

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  • sahabat mugiwara 2 weeks ago

    Itu make paralon berapah in

  • BANG HABYB 2 weeks ago

    modal nya kalo area nya segitu berapa an akh?

  • CRAZY GOAT 2 weeks ago

    Do you use some degree of inclination with the pipes? do they make any type os slope?

  • Abdul Azis 2 weeks ago

    itu ga kena langsung ke matahari om?

  • PAREDEZ 2 weeks ago

    Mau nanya Bos u holsownya berapa mm ya dan pipanya betulkah yg 2,5" terima kasih

  • YOGESH VAIKUNTHI 2 weeks ago

    Can we talk

  • CRAZY GOAT 2 weeks ago

    Hello my friend, I still having numerous questions I really wish you can answer, as I am trying to do this same project, because i am very inspired by this video, the result is beautiful!!
    1.What are the characteristics of the pump? (Watts, flow rate, high, etc. )
    2.The water flow, is it constant? is the water circulating all the time? or do you put it in intervals? witch intervals?
    3.I wanna do it with 6 meters pipes and 8 of them (instead six) in every side and they will not be crossed, is there any problem with this? do i have to use a different pump for this? witch one? and tank litters?
    Thank You in advance, I am new in this and you are being my teacher.

  • CRAZY GOAT 2 weeks ago

    what is the tank volume how many litters of liquid you put on it? whats the bomb potency?

  • Matt shaddow 2 weeks ago

    Coba pake keterangan teks atau suara.. jadi buat yg bener bener pemula lebih mengerti..

  • CRAZY GOAT 2 weeks ago

    What is the distance between holes and whats the width of each hole?
    Also, what is the green material in the bottom of each potnet?

  • Evan Leonardo 2 weeks ago

    Terus itu pake pompa semburan brp meter ?

  • Evan Leonardo 2 weeks ago

    Tingginya brp pak ?

  • Jajang Khamalludin 2 weeks ago

    mantap,, menginspirasi 🙂

  • James Bennett 2 weeks ago

    hai, dapatkah Anda memberi tahu saya semua pengukuran, saya harap Anda memahami ini, saya menggunakan google translate

  • Matthew Schrank 2 weeks ago

    What an amazing video. Thank you for posting this. Indonesia is a beautiful country BTW I loved my visit there.

  • Christopher Rowe 2 weeks ago

    good video, too bad about the music at 6.57

  • ikhsant mdfqr 2 weeks ago

    mas pake PH down tdk?

  • Ulukutek Channel 2 weeks ago

    nft sama dft itu bedanya apa?

  • manoj Yadav 2 weeks ago

    I m from India.. due to high population increment my country vegetables price go high..
    I think this method will useful for me and earning money in india