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  • stoned chase 11 months ago

    White boy sound like uzi vert off that trap music shit crank https://m.soundcloud.com/stonedchase/dirty-ace-kilo-in-da-depot

  • Anterrius Page 11 months ago

    that way Aaron Cooke Onika Cooke Tamir Allen Brenda Cooke

  • It's KenZi 11 months ago

    I already know y'all see this a lot but without promotion nobody would ever make it big or reach their goals. I'm a new artist in the game but I work hard everyday in every way to try to make music a career. It would mean so much to me if you could just take a second and check out my music. My songs improve with every track. Every sub is appreciated more than you know. I'm just trying to live my dream. Thank you for reading this. One way or another I will make it to the top. I promise you….Remember my name.

  • Ameer Abrahams 11 months ago

    yaaaa yaaaa yaaaa yaaaa favorite part

  • Luke Spadafora 11 months ago

    amigo cambia de negras una mas fea que la otra …. y deciles que cierren bien la puerta la puta madre

  • thaMillionthroll 11 months ago

    why tf is my dude Travis Scott in there for like half a sec at 4:34

  • Abraham Alcala 11 months ago

    Thanks for this song migos now i hear it mostly ever day

  • Alexandria Garcia 11 months ago

    so "bad and boujee" the liquor store has a glass case so the shop runner doesn't die haha haha ghetto as shit

  • aly bah 11 months ago

    Offset's verse is fucking crazy!!

  • Grxtify HD 11 months ago

    Why the fuck is he brappin wit a yfz he'll never go off-road wit that

  • lil Uzi being in this video is like when your mum says "you can go if you take your little brother"

  • jonjon cueto 11 months ago

    #2 on billboard charts? Really? Wtf, sorry but lots of songs sound like this already. Where the originality go??? Yet still #2….tsk tsk

  • coleycoley102 11 months ago

    why they got laflame in the video if he aint in the audio???

  • The Boss 11 months ago

    What are the names of the migos I know one is Quavo can't remember the rest

  • Mickey Mouse 11 months ago

    where is the other guy in migos.The third guy.

  • Elias Dires 11 months ago

    uzi part the best, don't @ me.

  • Mr Bomyran 11 months ago

    Migos – Bad and Boujee ft Lil Uzi Vert [Official Video]

  • Wise Old Man 11 months ago

    Anyone know the super defined darkskin model's name

  • Janet Conway 11 months ago

    My friend say I'm bad and boujee