Furnishing your home and taking care of the outside of your home is a duty of every person, because it reflects their personality and a business card for the guests who will be welcomed in this home. The canopies for terraces are part of the exterior furnishing of homes, useful for creating a shelter against rain, snow or hail, and for having an extra place in which to spend relaxing moments with friends and family; the canopies for terraces they are also elegant and beautify the exterior of the house. Covering the terrace with any canopy means creating an extra place, a new room where you can spend your free time and play with your children. In general the canopies for terraces they are composed of an inclined plane usually composed of glass sheets that allow the sun to enter and heat the underlying environment, supported by four pillars of various materials that support the canopy, without having the external walls, allowing to widen the view towards the outside and create vanishing points that allow you to enter and exit when necessary.

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The canopies for terraces can be of various materials and models, depending on everyone’s needs, to furnish the exterior of their homes well: first of all, the most used material is wood, a very elegant material that gives the home a rustic and stately at the same time; wood is configured as a one hundred percent eco-sustainable material, to favor the protection of the environment. The wood used for the canopies for terraces is mostly used for houses located in the countryside, because it fits perfectly into the natural landscape and has no environmental impact; the wood for canopies for terraces has many advantages, starting with its resistance over time, since the wood is very stable and does not change with the passage of time. Another advantage represented by the safety of this material used for canopies, since the elastic and resistant wood and, even during earthquakes, can resist well, as it is less stressed than other materials. Usually the wood used for the canopies for terraces is solid wood, that is the wood that is taken directly from the trunk of the trees and is much more resistant, allowing it to be used in any type of construction; furthermore, wood is an insulating material which, with a reduced thickness, is able to isolate any type of construction both from a thermal and acoustic point of view. Finally, another characteristic of wood is represented by its ductility, which lends itself to the many decorations and designs specially chosen according to your needs and tastes. Another material used for the construction of canopies for terraces is PVC, a material of recent composition, but very widespread in the real estate market and windows of all kinds; PVC roofs for terraces are the best choice for those who want to have a solid and long-lasting structure, in fact PVC is a very resistant material to humidity, since it is totally hydrophobic and, therefore, although the canopies are placed outside , it does not suffer the attacks of atmospheric agents; moreover, it is also resistant to all types of acid and its maintenance is very minimal, as it is possible to clean the PVC only with the help of a damp cloth. Although PVC is a material derived from petroleum, it is still highly eco-sustainable and recyclable, since PVC waste is used for other constructions and does not end up in landfills; this material used in the construction of canopies for terraces is very resistant to driving rain and impacts of all kinds, in fact it does not scratch and does not give signs of subsidence, but lasts over time, consolidating any type of canopy and managing to give solidity to the home . PVC is also a highly insulating material, which allows you to save on heating in winter and air conditioning in summer; You can choose the color that best suits your needs, since PVC is very ductile and lends itself to any type of treatment used to beautify homes. Aluminum is also widely used to build roofs for terraces, a material widely used for outdoor constructions, since its main feature is its high resistance to external agents, because its molecules allow it not to be prone to rust and therefore to be able to resist for many years even without any type of maintenance. Aluminum for canopies for terraces is mainly used for city constructions, since it is a material suitable for creating new light points for the building in which it is placed, giving brightness to the home; furthermore, aluminum allows the creation of solid, but at the same time very elegant, canopies, thanks to its ductility and the fact that it is not polluting, respecting the environment and giving elegance to the house.

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canopy for terraceThere are also many models available for canopies for terraces, starting with the fixed ones, especially used for permanent constructions, which want to be used for any type of season, both for summer and winter periods. There are also canopies for sliding terraces, ie retractable, whose movement is activated by a remote control or by hand through special knobs; the canopies for sliding terraces are used especially to prevent attacks from atmospheric agents, through the installation of special sensors that, in front of the wind and rain, will allow the canopy to close automatically. The sliding canopies are very convenient because they can be closed and opened at any time of the year, allowing you to choose the right time according to everyone’s needs.

Choosing canopies for terraces means giving your home or any other property a more elegant appearance, which allows you to enlarge the rooms of the building, to create a place where you can share unique moments with friends and relatives; thanks to the canopies it will be possible to shelter from the rain while remaining outside the house. Therefore, you just have to choose from the myriad of models and materials available and install a canopy for terraces in your home.

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