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Buy The Grow Book & Equipment Guide Here- this is the series you are going to want to watch if you want to know the truth about what’s in your nutrients. not only does the grow boss explain everything you need to know about using them he opens and pours them out so you can see what they look like. by the time you finish this series of videos you will either be brainwashed into believing yield is about the light or you be angry and curse his name. Yaaaaaaa Grow Bossssssss. aeroponics, benefits of marijuana, best grow lights, bong, buy weed online, california medical marijuana, california weed, cannabinoid, cannabis, cannabis dispensary, cannabis legalization, cannabis news, cannabis oil, cannabis sativa, cannabis seeds, cheap grow lights, cheap grow tents, discount hydroponics, dispensary, ebb and flow system, effects of marijuana, effects of weed, fluorescent grow lights, ganja, grow cabinet, grow closet, grow lamp, grow light bulbs, grow lights, grow lights for indoor plants, grow room, grow room setup, grow supplies, grow tent, grow tent kit, growing cannabis, growing marijuana indoors, growing pot, growing weed, growing weed indoors, high times, hightimes, how to grow cannabis, how to grow indoor weed, how to grow marijuana, how to grow pot, how to grow weed, how to grow weed indoors, hps grow lights, hydro store, hydrofarm, hydroponic, hydroponic grow box, hydroponic grow system, hydroponic nutrients, hydroponic setup, hydroponic store, hydroponic supplies, hydroponic system, hydroponic weed, hydroponics, hydroponics kits, hydroponics store, hydroponics store near me, indica, indoor gardening, indoor grow box, indoor grow lights, indoor grow tent, indoor growing, indoor hydroponic systems, led grow light bulbs, led grow lights for sale, legal marijuana, legal marijuana states,legal weed, legal weed states, legalization of marijuana, legalization of weed, legalize, marijuana, marijuana dispensary, marijuana facts, marijuana grow lights, marijuana […]

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  • Chris Meshak 3 months ago

    Grow Boss, just curious – do you have a degree? and in what if so? I'm heading in the biotech direction personally but still figuring it out. I appreciate your videos dude, always 100% chingon no bullshit.

  • Northern Maine Weed Gnome 3 months ago

    much respect boss

  • toby vigil 3 months ago

    Loving his content

  • Gregor Bonnor 3 months ago

    Woooow thx I thought it was way more complicated but I understood all in the last 5 min of ur video I’m sooo happy that I got now . Will pay attention to it in future 😉 but really thx ur the best ! 😀

  • ProCell 3 months ago

    What if your using a smaller light, how do you figure out what to feed the plant.

  • Joey Z 3 months ago

    If I'm using RO water should I always be adding a CalMag to my waterings

  • David Harding 3 months ago

    yeah, just use more and more…. buy our shit! why not? it's all the same shit, right?

  • Smartucio 3 months ago

    Love that you point out how it’s ALL the same more or less and everyone wants you to buy there’s. That’s one thing about grow videos everything you see half the time ends up being a promotion for somebody’s nutrient brand.

  • Joey Z 3 months ago

    Calmag is most important

  • TheNoelcr 3 months ago

    Man the more I read the more I like my dog…………and my plants!!!

  • Atilla Bayizitlioglu 3 months ago

    I love this!!! honesty!! thank you!!! Love this channel, this is what weed is about!!

  • modcraft13 3 months ago

    Advanced Nutrients keeps my ph going in at 5.8 with my tap water. That's a difference.

  • neil degrasse tyson

  • Kat Maria 3 months ago

    this is stupid question my mentor passed on, but heres the Q?
    what happens if u used nutrients in veg then stopped using them in flower or just used water. I plan on getting the food from amazon

  • Cannabis King 3 months ago

    Yo brother. I love the videos you do. Please balance the audio throughout the videos.

  • Deshazior Straker 3 months ago

    When keeping it this real in a video for the grow world doesn't go viral.

  • chimpanzi20 3 months ago

    Im growing one plant dwc in a 2x2x4 tent with mars reflector 48 and im interested in buyin these nuts, what nuts do u suggest i buy and how to order

  • cliff hooper 3 months ago

    Glad someone is calling out the Nute companies but this guy is still way off. Plant use more Potassium in Veg than flower just for starts. Ratios ppl, its all about your ratios…

  • cliff hooper 3 months ago

    Its all about the ratios between the big 6 not overall ppm
    N-P-K-Ca-Mg-S your simply manipulating the plant by adjusting the ratios of these elements. Most additives a healthly plant produces itself. 99% of ppl have no idea. Research what I've just told you and get way ahead of the game. Good Luck

  • HEMPOILSOLDIER 4EVER 3 months ago

    necter for the gods