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I’m re-releasing this video that I made for my friends channel that no longer exists. I show you how I diagnose cannabis plants and determine what’s wrong with them. Music by DJ Quads: “Um” His Sound Cloud : His Instagram: My new Christian Channel: My Instagram: Gear: Camera : Tri-pod: Tri-pod swivel: Lens: Cell phone camera : galaxy Note 5 (most of the Time-lapse footage) Subscribe already, you know you want to !!! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEverything You Know About Composting is Wrong: Mike McGrath at TEDxPhoenixvilleSoil vs Hydro – What’s the Best Way to Grow Weed pt3 The FINAL Word? | by Cannabis FrontierSoil vs Hydro – What’s the best way to grow weed? by Cannabis Frontier6 Laws of Plant Growth That You Must Know and FollowHow Do Plants Grow? | Knowsy Nina Wants to KnowAlien RDWC PRO GROW 2 1kg plants hydroponic system cannabis

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  • Dean Filliol 2 weeks ago

    On my plants my new growth is very yellow after a few days the leaves start green up. Other then that plants are very healthy. Im in promix soil. Ph between 6.4 to 6.8. Over watering is not an issue. Was thinking of giving a little more nitrogen on next feed. Any advice out there would be appreciated.

  • 10 Thirty 2 weeks ago

    I need help with my plant. Can I send a picture?

  • Lalo Martinez 2 weeks ago

    Kool info dude

  • Big Billy Goat Gruff 2 weeks ago

    "plants are really cool" .. im about to punch mine in the face… EAT YOU MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!! QUIT BEING PUSSIES!!!!

  • cuppateadee 2 weeks ago

    Yes I luv jesus . I always knew that its a healing plant that needs respect.

  • ProCell 2 weeks ago

    Are you no longer uploading video

  • Shawn LeBlanc 2 weeks ago

    Your car will run a 7.0

  • Jonah Young 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for your Videos. Im a first time grower and your videos are very helpful !!!

  • weezy 2 weeks ago

    So im feeding at ph 5.8
    I check the run off and its at about 4.5
    So I keep feeding untill what goes in the top is the same that comes out.
    But then when i go to feed next time and check runoff again its down in the 4s again. Why is this happening ?

  • Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420 2 weeks ago

    Your thumb nail is wrong.. that god awful deep green is the first sign.

  • deepfriedbeats 2 weeks ago

    COME BACK!!!

  • Scorpios Lab 2 weeks ago

    Force leach your medium with ph water only

  • Richard Johnson 2 weeks ago

    There's only about 5 of the 12 essential nutrients that start showing from the bottom. It's called mobile and immobile nutrients. Just so everyone knows makes it a lot easier to diagnose

  • gratefuldeadosaurusrex 2 weeks ago

    Right after I trimmed off all my main fan leaves in veg I started seeing yellowing at tops, dropping, and purple edges. Any advice?

  • Black Lavender 2 weeks ago

    Man gotta love some coffe and French vanilla creamer

  • Mf Tripz 2 weeks ago

    Lmfaoo this nigga dont even roll his joints

  • The Great Trials Treason is in season 2 weeks ago

    What if your growing in soil ? Everyone said learn in soil dumb … now what

  • The Great Trials Treason is in season 2 weeks ago

    I’m showing all those symptoms of all those deficiency and burn so now what how can it be Deficient and too much nutrients but the same time please help

  • Darrius Spence 2 weeks ago

    Too bad you skipped over cal mag