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Using Growl LED lights from ( and the ( eco grow pots. You can see fantastic results. Higher harvest, using less energy, less labor and less water and less money than hydroponic grow systems. 17 oz dry weight from 6 plants. Video Rating: / 5 My homemade hydroponics growing system has been growing basil for the past 2 months but I have decided to try grow something else in my hydroponic system. In this video I show you how to start your plants off in your growing system. I transfer my plants from soil to hydroponics system growing. I have done this before and it works fine. Cleaning your hydroponic system is the most important part of the set-up, your system must be clean to prevent a Pythium infestation. If you use this techniques you will want to clean the system weekly for the first couple of weeks as this will contain bacteria from the soil and from dead roots. I have used this hydroponic growing system before and it worked very well. The only major issue’s I came across was Pythium and lack of light. So time for a better go. I will keep you updated on the progress of these strawberry plants and any improvements of tips on how to get better results from your system. Thank you for watching, please visit my website; Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow To Cultivate / Maintain Healthy Cannabis Aeroponic Roots HPAA / CO2 Monitor / Grow Time LapseCFL Grow Results: Hydroponic Basil & Sage With Time LapseCannabis Kratky Hydroponic Timelapse Grow from Seed to HarvestDWC Hydroponic Cannabis Grow Ep 5. Harvest & CureCannabis Indoor Gardening #14 – Harvest Time! Part 1Cannabis Indoor Gardening #15 – Harvest Time! Part 2

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  • Pet Sounds 4 years ago

    They didnt veg them long enough that's why they only got 100 from each plant…
    Veg them outdors for 4 months and flower uunder leds for 3 and you will get 17 oz per plant… that's 2.8 kilos from 6 plants

  • The Purple Organic LED Guru 4 years ago

    To save a lot of $$$$ and grow like a pro overnight with led lights , check out my new book! Cheers! available at – Google Play Books

  • Lord Jock 4 years ago

    How long should I leave the light on growing from seed ?

  • Guy Baldridge 4 years ago

    Did you grow these in Black Light? I didn't know that was possible ;)

  • Stone Kush 4 years ago

    Text 4693191611 OR
    Email ausexco at gmail dot com

  • SkeksisRule 4 years ago

    Under driving a 5w led and still claiming it puts out 5w worth of light is not efficiency, it's called false advertisement and dishonesty. The reason they do that is because the heat from powering it to full 5watts would drive the efficiency down due to poor design. And if you knew anything about efficiency and how to calculate it, you would realize that LED is actually not much more efficient at making light than HID. The only benefit is targeted spectrum.

  • MrBennyswill 4 years ago

    its called efficiency

  • Paul Erricson 4 years ago

    so with 1000 wats he make 300 grams with that tiny littel shit plants are super small, nice i buy real bulbs cost me 3% of the price of a led and can make 800 – 1100 grams on a 1000 wats lamp, thanks for proof leds are sucking ass

  • Paul Erricson 4 years ago

    so he makes a video he harvest less than 17 oz with nearly 1800 wats? thats like 0.3 grams per wats hahaha

  • SkeksisRule 4 years ago

    That's false. The higher claimed wattage (what you call "LED watts") comes from the fact that they use 5 watt led, but under drive them so they don't get too hot and lower efficiency. You can't put 500w into something and get 1000w of power out of it. That just goes against physics.

  • SkeksisRule 4 years ago

    Looks like close to 1000 watts of LED there, maybe more. All for 17oz? Grow with HID and double that in a shorter period.

  • anthony wayne 4 years ago

    what are the stages ..all blue for veggie and a mix of red and blue for flowing and body know??

  • jdm7766 4 years ago

    How many watts are those lights

  • Vinny Diesel 4 years ago

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  • Vinny Diesel 4 years ago

    What you know? Nothing about grow op, so keep teaching swimming lessons,

  • Vinny Diesel 4 years ago

    Wow, xDiveNx again, kill yourself, will make simple for you since you clearly don't understand, these are not tomato plants, 4k a pound, was saying watch prosource video dumdum, I could care less about diving, master grower offering help to others shouldn't concern you you over opinionated transvestite, stick to what you know

  • Jeremaaaay 4 years ago

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  • Jeremaaaay 4 years ago

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  • Jeremaaaay 4 years ago

    Oh I see so you're telling me then that if I work say 8 months in a year getting USD$1400 a day which would give me an annual income of USD$336,000. That you get USD$336,000 in ONE harvest(not harest by the way, god your english). WOW. You must own acres and acres of land with all these people working under you doing your bidding yet you're here advertising? Who you kidding boy? Definitely not anyone here since everyone here seems to have a higher IQ than you do. Pity, pity.

  • Jeremaaaay 4 years ago

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  • Shaun Wiles 4 years ago

    #Hydroponics #DIY How to transfer plants from soil to a hydroponics growing system.