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Follow along with my indoor closet grow. I am doing deep water culture (DWC) hydroponics with 2 cannabis plants. Stay tuned til the end to see the final yield! Follow me on Instagram: Here are the other products I am using (some are affiliate links): Blackout Curtains: Staple gun: Carbon Filter: Light Panel QB 324 V2 with Slate – Driver HLG-120H-54B – NodeMCU Microcontroller – DHT22 Temp and Humidity Sensor – ThermoPror – Inline Duct Fan – Carbon Filter – Hanging Retchets – Mylar – Nutrients – Nutrients – DIY Hydro DWC Res Chiller Parts: Peltier (TEC1-12709) – Aluminum Water Block (40mm x 40mm) – Flexible tubing – 12V Power Supply – Pump – CPU Cooling Fan – Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow To Grow Weed indoor Low Ryder Cannabis hydroponics sativa indica THC harvestHow to Grow Medical Marijuana Seed to Harvest E20 Hydroponics in Rockwool2.4 LB CANNABIS HARVEST! INDOOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA GROW2.4 LB CANNABIS HARVEST! INDOOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA GROWCannabis Cultivation Chocolate chunk feminised hydroponics indoor growroom sativa indica THC harvestCannabis Cultivation Weed Documentary Haze AK47 Crystal hydroponics indoor sativa indica THC harvest

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  • Michael Jones 3 months ago

    Yep Jim and James must have come out the closet…..oh wait they were never in it.
    Just cross

  • justin Howard 3 months ago

    Stop whispering can't hear shit

  • Cameron Levenger 3 months ago

    Mary and Jane would’ve been better names lol

  • The Artomen 3 months ago

    O god stop wasting ya time funny

  • Shannon Krebs Leidholt 3 months ago

    Plant shocker. Making her cold makes her purple. Not a true purple.

  • Real Player 3 months ago

    i dont grow hydroponically but judging by the leaves on both plants i think you were giving them too much nitrogen for flowering stages they dont need nitrogen past the first 20 days really also the under performer looked to be getting eaten on the leaves by what i think from the distance i saw as thrip markings ( very easy to get rid of in my experience but theyre tiny tiny tiny little shits so the markings are the big indicator) just a heads up i think those two issues getting solved and youd see some incredible results next time around also you might have actually let them go even longer as the leaves werent flushing yet when you harvested which means there was a ways to go but that could also have been because they had too much nitrogen and were never going to be able to flush either way nice job and good luck on improving for the next round!

  • Kurt Cobain 3 months ago

    You are too cool. – too wise

  • Joshua Taylor 3 months ago

    Arent you jinxing yourself giving them male names? Haha good video man thanks.

  • Custom Technology Systems 3 months ago

    Its more like Jill and Jennifer! 😉

  • Nathan Jennings 3 months ago

    I split a stem this year and it ended up giving my whole plant bud rot. Pretty sad.

  • Marty shaw 3 months ago


  • Jonathan Smith 3 months ago

    did you not check your ph?

  • Jonathan Smith 3 months ago

    jim and james? hope they go hermi

  • Jacob Ball 3 months ago

    I would've left them in veg stage for like 15 more days and I would've trained them during that stage and then I also would've let the plant flower for a little longer, just for a little better harvest. Nice grow tho, it didn't turn out bad

  • Greg Mayer 3 months ago

    Great watch, great first grow, and Entertaining. Good shit my man

  • Results look decent. I'd recommend a better light. The hipargero 800w on Amazon is fucking bomb especially for two girls.

  • SuperVillian Battle 3 months ago

    I thought you was butchering them too until I seen how they bounced back!

  • R1PPZ ZONE / HORSEGANG 3 months ago

    Them 2 jars are not over 70 grams dry weed lmao