Added by on 2016-05-30 change the reservoir in a General Hydroponics MegaGarden. We show you what we do and explain why we do it. cambiar el depósito en un General Hydroponics MegaGarden. Te mostramos lo que hacemos y explicamos por qué lo hacemos. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCannabis Hydroponic CultivationI Grow Chronic! Cannabis Hydro CultivationCannabis Cultivation Weed Documentary Haze AK47 Crystal hydroponics indoor sativa indica THC harvestInstalling a Drip System | Learn How to Grow Marijuana at Home | Hydroponics | Cannabis CultivationI Grow Chronic! Cannabis Hydro Cultivation (Full Tutorial)Organic Nutrient Mixing 101 | Hydroponic Reservoir Management | Grow Room Tank Mixing Organics

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  • Pandarolla 1 year ago

    you can grow cannabis and never changing the solution! just clean it and filter with an aquarium filter!

  • Amir Mansour 1 year ago

    Peroxide wont eat up nutrients??

  • afk bot 1 year ago

    you over working self,, Nice grow in lik pots ,, how about getting a small pump like in mega garden,, get some quarter inch or what size fits pump,, clean tube or big 30 50G tote sort sortout your water say 6 megas 6G per 36g of water do math for nutes PH per mega x 6 less 1 test ph .. Remember The dripper on the pump and or a manifold for drip,, Nice go,,, Try RECHARGE AND MOLASSES, AND you be ok,, less is nice ,, at end of grow less flush of all that stuff

  • ivote76 1 year ago

    You know that little channel on the side of the rez is for the cord right? The rez access lid you cut into is just for checking conditions / adding or removing fresh mix.

  • Martin Gjoni 1 year ago

    I know. there's a lot to be said about drawing ur nutrients with syringes

  • Pearson Porknowle 1 year ago

    I also found useful for this which is AQUAPONICS X10

  • Derrick Hinnant 1 year ago

    Any advice if I wanted to use a hydroponic setup, but with organic nutrients?