On the video above, we show an aeroponic tower which has been used to grow cannabis, fruits and vegetables all at the same time. This is in fact our favorite way to use a Tower Garden when growing cannabis.
When Mathias introduces us to the tower composition, aside from a beautiful aeroponic cannabis plant almost ready for harvest, the tower is being used to grow parsley, arugula, and chard.
However, it is interesting to mention that during the four-month timeframe which was necessary to grow that cannabis plant, the very same Tower Garden had also been used to grow 5 different kinds of lettuce, as well as bountiful melons and strawberries (all harvested by the time we shot that video).
Arugula will take about three weeks on the tower before being ready for harvest. A romaine lettuce will take about four weeks. It really allows to grow several rotations of fruits and vegetables while the gods of aeroponic weed take care of your cannabis upcoming supply!….
When it comes to Tower Garden, aside from its technology, the uniqueness of such aeroponic system is truly based on its proprietary all-natural mineral-based solution, which is being used indifferently to grow every type of crop. Regardless of the plant involved, whether growing pumpkins, tomatoes or cannabis, just one mineral nutrient solution does it all! This allows to grow a wide variety of goodies on the same tower at the same time!

Cannabis aeroponics tower

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