People are always shocked at how much you can grow in a Tower Garden. We grow so many different leafy greens as well as a variety of fruiting crops such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, strawberries, watermelon and so much more. Not only can you grow these crops but you can actually get more fruit and they’ll grow faster thanks to the power of aeroponics and the Tower Garden system.

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➤ True Garden is a next-gen vertical farm in Mesa, AZ. We use 90% less space and consume 95% less water and grow 30% more crops 3x faster with the power of vertical farming. Growing indoors or outdoors, all year long, with the power of Tower Gardens. The future of farming has arrived.
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Can you grow tomatoes, peppers and other fruiting crops in a Tower Garden? | True Garden

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  • Wasabi Farmer

    What's the deal on these Tower Gardens? Started looking at buying a few and they want $750 a pop for one of these babies. What the hell is that all about? No wonder they aren't selling them. Who the hell can afford that? The same thing can be bought in China for $100 a piece. Then all you need to do is run over to Tower Gardens and buy their proprietary nutrient solution. Geesch.

  • Wasabi Farmer

    Well done. Keep working at it. More instructional videos please. Include some of the downside to Tower Gardens that would help in building a better system.

  • Lil' Bug Bites

    I live in MN and would like to grow fruiting crops indoors with my towers all year long. What lighting system would you recommend? I understand the current Tower Garden light kit will not be a good choice for these type of plants unfortunately.

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