This is my second attempt at growing figs hydropnically. The first time I failed miserably.

This time around I had different results.

Items needed:
5 Gallon bucket
hydroponic fertilizers from fox farms
epsom salt
silica blasts
Air pump
Air stone
CFL Bulb
Hydroton Basket that fits over a 5 gallon bucket

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Can you grow Figs Hydroponically? 2nd Try at.

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  • stardust42311

    Hello Ben: I have been growing tomatoes hydroponically for a few years, but never thought of doing that with things like Figs that potentially can grow into good size trees. How do you support the plant when it gets big and top heavy. Have you had any fruit on these fig plants that you are growing hydroponically? Would you call this experiment a success so far? I might try doing that if it works.

  • John Doe

    Hey Ben I have a BIG question for you…. I bought my mom a violet de Bordeaux and at first it was growing the normal hand looking leaves, but now it does look like it's growing healthy but all the leaves have changed from looking like fingered leaves to all looking like oval shaped leaves with no finger indentations on the leaves whatsoever and this has me really confused????….. Have you ever seen this? Any insight would be great because I haven't seen much researching?

  • Cathie Galbraith

    Since I know that you were pretty much of a fig expert, I am wondering if I could impose upon you with a question regarding my own figs. I have numerous fig trees planted in the ground, as I live in San Diego and they are OK all year round. They are all a couple years old, so they are not too tall yet, about four to five feet. But they are tall and straight and seem to have branched come out from the top quarter of the tree. I recently ordered four new varieties online. They came as small rooted cuttings, and looked very healthy. They have continued to look very healthy and have continued to grow, however instead of developing one center trunk, they all seem to be developing 5 to 6 low branches coming off the center. While they do look very healthy, they look more like a fig bush, instead of a fig tree. I would really like them to be trees like my other figs.