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The coronavirus crisis has disrupted global food supply chains, leading to shortages in some countries. The World Bank warns 130 million people could be at risk of starvation. But an increasingly popular urban farming system could provide a solution. Al Jazeera’s Paul Rhys reports from Sweden’s capital Stockholm. – Subscribe to our channel: – Follow us on Twitter: – Find us on Facebook: – Check our website: #Sweden #UrbanFarming #VerticalFarms Related PostsCan Vertical Farming Solve Asia’s Food Crisis?Could indoor farming help address food shortages?Farmer Suicides and the Global food crisis: A Story not told | Devinder Sharma | TEDxRGNULFresh for Florida Kids Food Garden – Growing CornGrow Hydroponics with Re-circulating Compost Tea, Onsite recycle food waste into organic foodsImprove Your Vegetable Garden's Food Abundance | Ideas and Skills That Make a Difference

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  • Heidi Scott 2 weeks ago


  • Heidi Scott 2 weeks ago


  • Cave Treasures 2 weeks ago

    only perpendicular…

  • Nazhif Afieq 2 weeks ago

    Apologize to malaysia

  • karnafully ctg 1 week ago

    AI Involved !!!!
    Are we depended on hands of robot??

  • arman amin 1 week ago


  • Muhamad Firdaus 1 week ago

    Dislike all video. They spread false news

  • Nkanyiso Africa 1 week ago

    Zimbabwe needs sanctions to be removed as to stop starvation. The farms are there it's the sanctions that are killing it's people

  • Max G 1 week ago

    Sweden has 10mln people. Just how innovative are they?

  • Feeqsays 1 week ago

    Please get your facts right about Malaysia. Don't be rubbish journalist. Where is your integrity? Learn to be professional journalist please. Stop spreading fake news about Malaysia. Booooooo

  • ashtweth 1 week ago

    Real vertical farms can run off biogas [FREE POWER] and have chickens and other livestock in them BTW. A salad tower is not a true vertical farm. But A good start. IF you go reserch how many of these towers are needed to feed cities you will be surprised from what the DATA shows, not many are needed, BUT WHY DONT THEY TEACH THIS AT UNIVERSITIES.

  • AntonioR Software 1 week ago

    There are more overweight people in the world than people who are starving, not to mention all the food that gets thrown away because of false expiration dates.

  • gambit 1 week ago

    Too bad America is too political and corrupt to do these types of things.

  • Fake news on Malaysia.. apologise now!

  • SW 7 1 week ago

    ada apaan sih org malaysia pda ngamuk ?? Kepo gw njiirr

  • Hanie Madu540 1 week ago

    Al dajjaleraaaaaaaa like a dog

  • Alfirus Ahmad 1 week ago

    No… The big question is, can fake news solve Al Jazeera stupidity?

  • L Y C H E E 1 week ago

    Boikot,dislike and report all post