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What kind of agriculture do we really want? How sustainable, regional, animal-friendly and expensive can it be? These and other pressing issues are part of a debate about radical agricultural reform of policy currently going on in Brussels. When negotiations on the common agricultural policy from 2020 are held in Brussels, one of the more contentious issues will be how to redistribute 60 billion Euros in EU agricultural subsidies. How will MEPs prioritize their options? Will they reach independent decisions or cave in to the big agricultural conglomerates and special interest groups? Our exclusive report uncovers their close ties with politicians in both Brussels and Berlin and shows how efforts to make farming more environmentally sustainable are being stymied. ——————————————————————– DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch high-class documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary. Subscribe to DW Documentary: Our other YouTube channels: DW Documental (in spanish): DW Documentary وثائقية دي دبليو: (in arabic): For more documentaries visit also: Instagram Facebook: DW netiquette policy: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsThe rise of vertical farming – (VPRO documentary – 2017)The rise of vertical farming – (VPRO documentary – 2017)FOOD FOR THE FUTURE – A Short DocumentaryWatch Robots Grow Food Without FarmersDrones, robots, and super sperm – the future of farming | DW Documentary (Farming documentary)National Geographic Documentary 2016 || The Future Of Agriculture? Smart Farming

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  • Jade Kipa 5 days ago

    I'm no professional, but come onnnnn, are these people for real?? I'd feel insulted if I were a German voter and seeing these guys so BLATANTLY rigging the system to benefit themselves and their rich friends. What they're doing is criminal and the fact that they are not being held accountable is atrocious!

  • Nooper'z: The Lunatic Cultist 5 days ago


  • Güney Karabulut 5 days ago

    Albert dess shouldnt even be alloewed to be in public service when he was or still is a CEO of a major agricultural company. I mean there is too much conflict of intrest here.

  • m square 5 days ago

    Lovely sound track from the Contagion used, and used well

  • miger64 the gamer 5 days ago

    this documenairy is to shallow and draw all farmers over one line. here in sweden nearly all farming is enviromentaly friendly among the most enviromentaly friendliest farming methods here is dairy farming. in sweden we have to few cows and still people call them enviromental killers.

  • Beatrice Nkundwa 5 days ago

    Breton farmers are great farmers.

  • Shawn Green For US Senate 5 days ago

    That pig looked happy AF.

  • cat Stapleton 5 days ago

    There is no need for this utter disregard for wildlife or the well being of animals under the care of farmers. There is no morality at all, no sensitivity, just selfish greed for an overpopulated planet.

  • Fabiola Barone 5 days ago

    DW thanks

  • Perry Reasch 5 days ago

    dry it out / bag it and sell it / they do it with cow shit ?? problem solved

  • Bjarke Kirkbro 5 days ago

    Im confussed. We produce way too much fertilizer yet there is places around the world unable to grow stuff because they need it. Fix it.

  • Kumar Pawar 5 days ago

    If only my country had a dedicated news channel like DW!

  • Yeng Sabio 5 days ago

    150 kg/ha N says the scientists. The legislators say 200 kg/ha N. And these legislators have the guts to talk about climate change/global warming?

    These EU legislators have no credibility! And you have the guts to lecture us 3rd world countries on managing our affairs? How dare you!

  • Jeffrey Bozko 5 days ago

    farmers get 65 billion euro a year? holy shit, is there any other thing that gets that or more then that?

  • Richard Free ferilizer 5 days ago

    Free Fertilizer .INC The whole agricultural industry is corrupt ! they have a lot of dollars but no SENSE . Just follow the money !

  • Parama Af 5 days ago

    A third of the EU budget goes to agriculture. The excess food gets dumped below market value in African countries which bankrupts the farmers and creates poverty. Than Europeans complain about refugees coming to their countries???

  • Bharat Choudhary 5 days ago

    i am happy to see my ARD monthly fee spent well on this channel

  • Justin Thyme 5 days ago

    the content of this whole documentary is just plain depressing to someone who is a Vegan/Vegetarian, like myself. It's really well revealing how deeply rotten and ill structured the status quo that our civilisation has worked itself into really is. It trully shows a dead end corner. DW has really great documentaries.

  • Justin Thyme 5 days ago

    @ 10:00 it is hellishly hard for me to understand why someone would slave away to raise a pig just to get it slaughtered and make a 6-20euro profit on it. That's just lame as hell. Why don't you rather grow some organic vegetables or mushrooms instead is beyond me!?! The price of a smart creatures life – 6 EUR … OMG!

  • Justin Thyme 5 days ago

    lobyists are in charge almost everywhere (and linked with national and international interests) hence we find ourselves stuck in this nightmare – where the planetary ecosystems are colapsing and rich are getting richer while the poorest die from starvation and droughts.