Added by on 2020-02-21 I mention the acquisition of Plarium in the video, above is the link that details the transaction. Comment any questions yall have on this!!! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCampaign Farming 101 and current state of Raid:SLBox Greens: Creating the Future State of Hydroponic Indoor Farming (Subtitled)Vertical FarmingVertical Farming VertiFarmCampaign for School GardeningTHESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)

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  • The Flying Jerzey 4 months ago

    Im f2p completely. I play this and sw. I got lucky for christmas and pulled vizier. But have yet to build my first 6 star or campaign farmer hell im still in hard mode. Even with the xp booster it takes forever and a day to level a mon. So yeah i got senasha too. Think imma try and 6 star her first.

  • Kelli Hollon 4 months ago

    Dude. Nobody has a video on the best common/uncommon champs and thier roles and or uses. This would be nice for alot of beginner users who don't have but three rares no epics no legendaries. And for those who are not trying to break the bank spending on packs. Heard. Just a thought. Man one. Watch how many views it gets. Bet it I in your top five most viewed after a min. Heard.
    -Nemo //_™

  • Jae Swizzle 4 months ago

    Get auto click for pc version

  • Menelvagore 4 months ago

    Been holding onto my $ for now. Packs have gone to hell with maybe the exception of the $4.99 conqueror pack. I agreed with most of what you had to say about farming. However, regarding the market. I never buy anything but green or blue shards or the occasional good artifact. The green feeders cost too much.

  • Chad Baker 4 months ago

    Do stars earned in campaign runs have any bearing on the quality of the loot dropped at the end of that stage? i.e. is it better to do 3-star runs? I know about the star progress rewards, I'm not talking about those.

  • thief990 4 months ago

    Education background..?

  • retpal 4 months ago

    I was spending money pretty frequently but recently I have noticed the red flags also have quit spending due to the uncertainty.

  • Jacob Hill 4 months ago

    I know spent some major bread with the company.. I need to start me a go found me page.. Help me with rent you guyz.. lol… Naw seriously. Help! jk
    Thanks for being honest about the company.

  • Ryan Vick 4 months ago

    How would you gear Shaman?

  • Jadens Journeys 4 months ago

    Heya KIzzle !!! I subbed and liked and clicked bell to you and STEW 🙂 PLease do me a favor ? Im going to ask Stew as well! Please make a "Campaign pushing" build with any combo of Kael, Skull crusher, Royal Huntsman, Vrask, Adriel, Steel skull, Tayrel, MysticHand and Galek! These are my most used champs, Please help? Maybe This could be a way to bring in more views and people to participate in your videos ? once a month let someone give you their top 5 champs and you build a comp for them?! Obviously after a while we will be able to figure it out from your videos? I think i make up the majority of the players that spend "some" but not enough, if you know what I mean ? Thank you ahead of time !!!

  • lydia yuna 4 months ago

    I just ranked my fel hound to 5 stars before started this video….oh well, can I at least use him for Spider ?

  • Huntster14 4 months ago

    You still feel the same way about the company? I am guessing even more so with them selling champs etc.

  • Michael Franco 4 months ago

    Feeling super discouraged, spent a little real money but have played LOADS and going through quests/challanges etc every day. Still havent seen a single legendary. Only seen 1 epic void. So much pain

  • Frank Delgrosso 4 months ago

    I wish companies making money would not sell themselves. It seems to very often be the death of them. Like if you are making money just keep rowing, don't dock with the big ship for help unless your drowning.

  • AJ Gray 4 months ago

    Relic Keeper or Bellower? I have both but only at 5 star cause I'm F2P only one month in

  • Vinny Cabibbo 4 months ago

    Hey Kizzle great vids. I been playing for 3 weeks now, using kael as my kael+zargala as my farmers. Question, do you have a breakdown of most efficient way with food, my kael is 5 star, 5 ascension. I am having an issue getting him to 6,

  • Tomáš Bartoš 4 months ago

    Great video

  • Ccmitch 4 months ago

    I have skull crown and im getting close to one shooting the second wave with basic, im following your vid exactly.. but im worried about something.. do I need to fully invest in skill books to make this an efficient campaign farmer?

  • william shao 4 months ago

    Do you think it's too late to start age of magic?

  • Alexius Gabriel 4 months ago

    Awesome video bro, thanks! You really give the insight for one to create their own farmer. Also, your own insight on plarium and the current developments is well appreciated on my behalf!