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I need some help understanding the business side of Juice Plus. Please help! Is it legit? Is it a pyramid scheme? Video Rating: / 5 Related Postspyramid scheme story time | juice plus is a scamJuice Plus Capsule and Virtul Franchise Review | GSHow to Get off to a Good Start in your Juice Plus BusinessJUICE PLUS AND HOW MAKING MONEY WITH IT WORKSIS JUICE PLUS REALLY WORTH IT?HOW TO USE JUICE PLUS BOOSTERS..LOSE WEIGHT…HAVE ENERGY..FEEL GREAT X

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  • Linzi maccaskill 4 years ago

    If u buy it from say Asda you can't be in the support groups etc to help u along your journey. When u buy from a rep on Facebook they give u support and add u to many groups and other women and men going through it it. If u got it in Asda and asked Sheila at the checkout she wouldn't have a clue about it n couldn't help you :)

  • Debbie Tryhorn 4 years ago

    I'd love to explain how the company works
    inbox me on face book add me
    Debbie Marree Tryhorn
    I love the product and the business and I love the fact that it is not in the shops there is a great reason why
    BTW …. thank you for sharing your thoughts xxx

  • Mariluz Mbegabolawe 4 years ago

    They sell more through direct advertising. Facebook is new..the company is 40 years old. Its like avon its direct advertising. If you see it in a shop how will you know how it works?
    Forever living us not in shop they are brilliant
    Yes like avon only sold by reps and mary kay.

  • jade holland 4 years ago

    juice plus is an amazing company which uses people who are joining the juice plus community for their journey. in order to have great marketing skills, you have to be passionate about what youre selling! i was introduced to juice plus as i need help with losing weight and gaining better health. and when i learned that i could make a career from helping people create their health and life journeys, that REALLY stood out to me. juice plus isnt just selling a product! its bringing thousands of people together, sharing journeys, helping people gain financial freedom, working comfortably from your own home, and not to mention the health benefits and travelling opportunity. maybe you should research the company a little. in your videos you were ill alot and your son was also ill. you should try the premium capsules, and if you take those, not only will you receive MASSIVE health benefits… but your son can also get childs gummies for FREE whilst your purchasing them

  • JumbleJess 4 years ago

    Im so glad you made this vid i was thinking about buying this and the girl said i had to buy a 4 month supply i only want to lose 8lbs which iv plateaued at after months of working out hard to lose what i already had  and all i can find about the product is people selling it that say its amazing!!! In the end i told the girl it wasn't for me. and the next day she messaged me wanting to know why i didnt buy it.. I just wanted one month supply to kick the 8lbs butt. Not something i need to continue for life, it did feel to me like a pyramid scheme also and i would be stuck with a direct debit bill for 4 months only to gain the weight back when i stopped using the product. !!!! Holly cow you have just saved me!!!! Thank you xxxxxxx

  • Gibini 4 years ago

    You maybe have allready an answer but I'm doing right now a lot of reaserch and I totaly understand your question… I think it is so much easyer to find people to sell the product to there friends and familie as making a lot of advertising or having contracts with stores. So that's why we have so much companies with the same system but they sell just bad stuff and thats why I'm sceptical with the howle thing but I don't find any bad reviews ok I do but they only talk about the selling system. There are not much people how talk about the product. So with your question I don't know why they don't sell it in the stores but if more and more people talk about it and also get paid for it that means on a long distance they will sell more products with out any adverticing money and also no products are for weeks or month in the stores and they may have to take it it back. There is so much compatishion in the supplerment buissnes and I guess it's just not worth it to bring it in to the stores. Hmm that's what I think but somehow I still look for whats wrong with the product. But I also get more and more interessted. Will see what I'll find out about them! Sorry for my bad spelling English but I hope you get my point and I was some help for you or other People. Maybe I also make a Review at one point =)

  • Sarah Shaw 4 years ago

    Hi charley I don't know if a rep has contacted you or not about your video. If they haven't please feel free to email me and I will answer your questions if you haven't had them answered already 🙂 

  • Seymourx230484x 4 years ago

    I totally agree let me no when u no, im actually thinking its a total lie product even though im drinking it at the moment and i am losing weight! Im sure something that tastes this nice is not full of all the natural ingredients they say it is! Hmmm its so secretive!!