Added by on 2016-03-17 Now kids can have a VIP ticket to the butterfly hatching show as they raise five butterflies from caterpillars with the Butterfly Garden Kit. When the metamorphosis is complete, they will have three to five gorgeous Painted Lady butterflies to release outdoors during the warmer months, or keep in the indoor habitat during the colder months. The whole family will look forward to the day when the butterflies spread their wings for the first time John from goes on a field trip to Home Depot to share with you Edible bulbs you can plant to grow food in your garden, New .97 Cedar Raised Bed Kits, A .97 waist height raised bed garden kit, .97 City Pickers kit that is similiar to the earth box, as well as Seeds of Change Organic Seeds that may be available at your local Home Depot Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsInsect Lore – Butterfly Garden – Part 1 – Giving the Caterpillars a new homeInsect Lore Live Butterfly Garden – Top Educational Kit For KidsInsect Lore Butterfly Garden Kit Grow & Release Fun For Kids See Metamorphosis Educational ProjectInsect Lore Butterfly Garden InstructionsNATURE CAT | Butterfly Garden! | PBS KIDSInsect Lore – Butterfly Garden! – buy at Science Store for the Stars

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  • James Chuaycham 1 year ago

    Wondering if I can put these boxes on my cement side yard. My yard is small so I try to find more spaces to grow food. Perhaps waist high boxes will be better.

  • Mattertea 1 year ago

    are the cedar and redwood boxes treated with any rot-proofing oil? If they are, im hoping its with the rosewood oil like in your other video, and not some toxic chemical.

  • hometeaching3 1 year ago

    I think what makes sweet onions sweet is the type if soil they're grown in, such as volcanic soil in Hawaii. Don't know what's in the soil in Vidalia, Ga, though!

  • melissa.m 1 year ago

    These beds will motivate you to have a garden! I got 2 of them and hve a 4X4X14. put it right on top of the grass! no digging at all. filled it with black cow (got 3 yards delivered for cheap in Ocala, FL by the black kalf company. put in the plants and they are awesome, no bugs and all i do is water it! Dino Kale, parsley, broccolli and romain lettuces!! woo hoo…thanks John!

  • PeteCorp 1 year ago

    You're awesome. I'm going to try building some raised beds this year. What is your drip irrigation watering schedule? What size are your drippers? Like, 1-2 gallon / hour flow rate? If you've answered this before please forward the link? Thanks.
    Oh, try growing gobo this year.

  • Ang Kearney 1 year ago

    I found topsy turveys for tomato, strawberries, and peppers at Big Lots on sale for $1 each.

  • ameetpinto 1 year ago

    Hey John,
    Thanks for the videos. By the way, Rhubarb is edible raw and if you like tart flavors, it is awesome. However, it is only the stalk that we are supposed to consume. I even tried chopping and drying the stalks then blending them for a tart powder to use as a topping for sweet fruit, so delicious.

  • Justin Hitt 1 year ago

    @growingyourgreens I see why you feature Home Depot, it really takes away the excuses people have about getting started. However, there is nothing wrong with partnering with mail-order companies who pay you to review products — your reviews are straight forward and helpful.

  • Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens 1 year ago

    For all that are wondering, I am NOT sponsored by Home Depot. I make videos that can help people grow more food – where ever and whatever I believe may be helpful for others. If they found out I was video recording in their store, they might ask me to stop recording.. It has happened before..

  • pibrown6 1 year ago

    I did a quick google search and found out that Seeds of Change is owned by the Mars company. Boo Hoo! I find High Mowing Seeds a great resource for organic seeds.

  • FreidasGarden 1 year ago

    oh cooool! I'm going to get some of those seeds!

  • Steve N Vegas 1 year ago

    nice video john. almost as nice as my boxes…lol

  • KungZoo 1 year ago

    I just watched a BBC feature about starving children who attend Whitney Elementary School in Las Vegas. Their parents cannot afford to buy food, and school lunches are about the only meal they might get during the week. Wouldn't it be so lovely to supply these guys with seeds and fresh vegetables and get them growing at school, too?

  • jjooeegg1 1 year ago

    John , Great channel !! Can you do a video starting seeds under flourescent lights . Peace

  • J3TPILOT1991 1 year ago

    @BradZChef thanks, look like the plastic may be my only choice either way. Well Im off to the h/ware store to see what I can see. Thanks again

  • JayDee 1 year ago

    Hey. Thanks for the response. I'm actually using wine barrels for dwarf
    fruit trees in the driveway, but it looked like the square bins had more
    surface area. I'll definitely consider the barrels, though. Good idea.

  • chickenbonewatt 1 year ago

    I just got home from the Depot getting some garden supplies. The one near me had 1/2 whiskey barrel planters from Jack Daniels for $20!!!! I now have three 🙂

  • David W. Reed 1 year ago

    @nolessthanill as far as the dogs, you can take a dog into any Home Depot as long as it is not aggressive.

  • idrinkguinnessalot 1 year ago

    Down with Monsanto.

  • Goutfoot 1 year ago

    7" isn't enough to grow anything without digging in the soil below or using chemical fertilizers… These Home Depot kits are cheap but also low quality.