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Butter Crunch Farms is an Aquaponic Farm located in Eagle, Colorado. Designed and built in 2017 by The Aquaponic Source. Related PostsMadhavi Farms: Largest commercial Aquaponic farm in India – Business conceptAquaponic Farms, Aquaponics Fish, Aquaponics Canada, Aquaponics Diagram, Trout AquaponicsChicago aquaponic farms ready to harness revenue from the food they grow – Medill ReportsUrban Gardening: Window Farms and Aquaponic GardeningVertical Farms – Ultimate Food Source For Future Mega-CitiesDiversifying Farms for the Next Generation

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  • Eddy Konfetti 4 weeks ago

    Greetings from Germany, nice work mate! Keep it going. Can you use parallel the metric system? So Ist dont need to look it up?

  • arutkow 4 weeks ago

    Spraying pesticides twice a week? 4:10

    Can you elaborate on that? What kind of pesticides? Where do you apply it?

  • Jose Gamez 4 weeks ago

    I love the Aquaponic Source, they always have the best information for the Aquaponic people. Thank you.

  • Moses Mosaic 4 weeks ago

    Is there technically space overhead with a whole room dedicated to fish? Seems there would be more yeild with pure soil, tho higher water cost. Still, if you eat/sell the fish i guess it's worth it?

  • yoko hartono 4 weeks ago

    Greeting from Indonesia. Beautiful farm.
    Is it decoupled aquaponic? Or close system aquaponic?