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The concepts of horizontal and vertical integration help to explain and categorise the strategic rationale for external growth options such as takeovers and mergers. This short video explains what is meant by horizontal and vertical integration and provides some examples. Video Rating: / 5 Related Postshorizontal & vertical integration6 Laws of Plant Growth That You Must Know and FollowRobert Colangelo on Vertical Farming Horizontal Plane vs Vertical Plane ProductionMILLING OPERATIONS (HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL MILLING ) हिन्दी ! LEARN AND GROWHorizontal vs Vertical Planes: Airflow in Vertical FarmsSportecs nos ofrece soluciones con bajo mantenimiento en jardinería horizontal y vertical

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  • tutor2u 1 week ago

    Some great study resources on business growth strategy can be found here

  • shahbaz khan 1 week ago

    Thank you very much
    You r providing the whole concept precisely

  • jim halpert 1 week ago

    thank you! i am a nuclear engineering student and they decided to throw in a course for economics last moment, so i guess we have to learn all this from scratch. Thanks for keeping it simple!

  • Lisa Hoggarth 1 week ago

    Wow this is an amazing explanation Better than my teacher, thank you so much!!

  • Jae Oppa 1 week ago

    THank you for this

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  • Amber Li Wen TEE 1 week ago

    Great explanation! I got it well~ Thanksssss 😀

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    Thank you dude, help me a lot!

  • It's Moose 1 week ago

    this helped a lot for my exam this year thank you

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    Thanks! Great explanation very clear and well demonstrated

  • John Contos 1 week ago

    everything fo r u ass every thing must go bitch

  • First name Last name 1 week ago

    Explained it perfectly, thank you.

  • Daniel Chouaib 1 week ago

    Great explanation, Thank you

  • Daivik Wadhwani 1 week ago

    isnt it the other way around, as the backward on is on the top

  • Eli 22nov 1 week ago

    instead of vertical integration he keep saying backward forward! Like i was lost i was looking for vertical now i am doubting everything initially i got from this

  • Gustav Peper 1 week ago

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