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BUSH performing Letting the Cables Sleep (Rooftop Live). Original version from the album The Science of Things, available on iTunes at © 2013 Zuma Rock Records. Video directed by Todd Stefani. BUSH’s new album “Man On The Run,” featuring “The Only Way Out” is now available on iTunes: BUSH is comprised of Gavin Rossdale (vocals/guitar), Robin Goodridge (drums), Chris Traynor (guitar) and Corey Britz (bass). For more on BUSH, visit Tweets by bushofficial Related PostsBUSH – Breathe (Rooftop Live)BUSH “The Sound Of Winter” (Live on The Roof) HD Official VideoBush live on the roofBush live on the roofPaul McCartney – Live On The Rooftop – New York City 2009 (Full Concert) (HD)Jan Blomqvist – Something Says (Live at WEEKEND Rooftop)

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  • AxCYeR 3 days ago

    that guitarist is like the fanciest fuckin mofo of all time and plays like 8 notes in 5 minutes

  • Stephen Cunningham 3 days ago

    I need a beer now

  • Stephen Cunningham 3 days ago

    Sounds good so far

  • marco brás 3 days ago

    the best

  • IL Scrapple 3 days ago

    Gavin – you blew it with Gwen – you poor bastard

  • Eric Walsh 3 days ago

    Incredible live version, great work! Awful cinematography.

  • Grusman Maylay 3 days ago

    Gay song

  • Ernesto Morenov 3 days ago

    My magic L.A.

  • galiaheris 3 days ago

    i love the pure natural light on this video…. perfect combination!!!!

  • themodularmodular 3 days ago

    Shitty camera work

  • Phil Long 3 days ago

    They keep showing the lead guitarist as if he's gonna play something, and he literally doesn't do shit lol and that hat is trash

  • Dennis Hol 3 days ago

    Smooth as hell in 2018

  • manu gomes 3 days ago

    So good…

  • Vladimir Lemos 3 days ago

    What the hell the guitar player is doing there? Cant hear him

  • Tatty Oliveira 3 days ago

    Gavin.. i love you. ❤❤❤❤

  • Cameron Felton 3 days ago

    Who here has had those nights where you're trying to sleep but, your mind is really active? Then you listen to this and pass the fuck out? I certainly have. Gavin's voice on acoustic sets is perfect.

  • Vanderson Macedo 3 days ago

    Boa música , gostosa de ouvir salve o rock mundial .

  • Alexandre Nogueira 3 days ago

    Meu som favorito do Bush, realmente uma viagem!!!

  • hop Scotch 2 days ago

    not available on itunes USA

    uhhh thats rad