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John Choo – President of Indoor Harvest Corp Bio: John Choo is the President and Co-Founder of Indoor Harvest Corporation. A full service Design Builder of indoor farm facilities for the agriculture industry. With an early attraction to emerging industries going back over a decade, John was a chief strategist for fast growth companies in software design and international licensing until 2012. With the growth of the indoor agriculture space his captivation with the minds pushing the industry ignited a passion for food production, architecture and connecting commercial level benefits to producers. Outside of the business John finds time spent in the kitchen to be therapeutic, which he claims is more experimental ending with more losses than wins. Presentation title: Building Your Indoor Farm, Where to Spend Less Time and More Money Presentation abstract: Your crops have been chosen and your purchase agreements have almost been signed. Committing to the yield coming out of your production is a number that comes with extra baggage, cost and risk. Paper planning is one thing, building is where those risks can become money pits as each month rolls by. Let’s share how to avoid this early on. The AVF Summit 2016 brought together multiple stakeholders in order to: » Discuss circular economies and inform on their application » Present on state-of-the-art technical developments within vertical farming such as growing techniques, LED lighting, building integrated agriculture, mushroom production and insect-farming and more… » Develop a perspective on policy, sustainable finance and business models » Encourage industry standards and collaboration » Network The AVF Summit 2016 is brought to you by the Association for Vertical Farming in partnership with GreenTech and is sponsored by Fluence Bioengineering, Valoya and Blue Planet Consulting. Post, share, and “like” #AVFSummit Filmed on June 13th 2016 in […]

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