Building a swimming pool in a private space also means making an assessment of the garden in which you want to place it to best determine its shape and size. Today various customization possibilities are achievable, which meet the tastes and needs of the customer. The ‘classic’ system for the construction of a swimming pool involves the use of reinforced concrete, which guarantees an unlimited duration, and offers the possibility of making it according to one’s wishes. The internal coating can be chosen by orienting itself on the mosaic or on the tiles. When you decide to build an inground pool, you also need to know the procedure to follow and the costs that you will have to bear. The inground swimming pool falls into the category of building works and therefore, before the start of the works, it will be necessary to submit the start of activity report. If no communication is received after thirty days, the request can be considered approved. Any rejected request must necessarily be motivated. As mentioned before, a reinforced concrete swimming pool guarantees unlimited durability, however, the work must be carried out meticulously and scrupulously. The skill of the builder and compliance with quality standards are fundamental.
swimming pool construction

construction of a swimming poolThe prefabricated pools, being made with panels, allow a faster realization and, if there are water leaks, the pvc coating can be replaced. For masonry pools this is not possible, and it would be necessary to demolish the entire structure. The same also applies to fiberglass swimming pools: even in this case, if it is not possible to replace the PVC, the entire structure should be replaced. It is often said that a swimming pool of any size can be built. However, some clarifications must be made: for a prefabricated swimming pool the size of the panels does not exceed 3 meters in height, while those in fiberglass are present on the market in the shape and size of the mold made. The pool, whatever the model chosen, must always be tested before use, to verify that the entire connected system is fully functional.

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Every single construction phase must be carried out in a precise manner, so that the pool can be used immediately. The first phase concerning the construction of a swimming pool is the design, then the choice of the area of ​​the garden to be allocated and its installation. Subsequently, it is necessary to inquire about the relative permits and the technical aspects to avoid being blocked during the work in progress. The size of the excavation must be related to the type of pool chosen: if it is a fiberglass pool, it is necessary to have a protrusion of a different size compared to a masonry pool. The second phase concerns the casting and laying of the bottom system. The construction usually also includes a skimmer system for filtering the water. It means that on the wall of the tub there are nozzles that have the task of sucking up anything that represents dirt in the water. Only after these phases do we move on to the lining of the pool. In the specific case of the masonry pool, it is possible to choose the tiling or the covering with a PVC sheet, while, for the fiberglass swimming pools, no coating is necessary. The filling of the pool will help to put the sheet avoiding the creases.

This is why it is always advisable to rely on qualified personnel, able to solve any operational or construction problems. However, there is no shortage of daredevils and those who decide, on the basis of a minimum of experience, to build their own pool by themselves. Of course, in this case the dimensions will be rather limited, the time taken will certainly be higher than what a company would take, but you can boast of having built a swimming pool with your own hands.

Today the dream of having a swimming pool at home is easily achievable for anyone, as the offer is so vast. By focusing on models that, despite being rather small, are still aesthetically pleasing, you can comfortably bathe in your garden without having spent exaggerated figures. Before starting the work, as well as requesting a quote, it is also necessary to ask for the maintenance costs of the pool, since proper maintenance is essential so that it can always be used and has an unlimited duration.


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