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Terraced retaining walls and in-wall planters can create more usable space, tame slopes, break up long sections of retaining wall and will give your yard a more aesthetic look. Proper construction of a terraced retaining wall is crucial to its success. The lower wall is typically built on solid ground but the upper walls are built in soil that has been disturbed during construction. Proper compaction of this soil will prevent the upper walls from settling. Learn how to build retaining wall terraces and in wall planters with this step by step video. You can find complete installation instructions, a local store near you, as well as design ideas and easy to use estimating tools at our website: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRetaining Walls Denver (Concrete Planters)Builders DIY: Designing your Garden – Building a Retaining Wall & SeatPittsburgh Retaining Wall with PlantersBespoke artificial hedge building services floral hedge plantersVertical Gardening Ideas, Green WallsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living Walls

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