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I am building 2 boxes out of redwood fencing. They are 2x2x2. It only took me one afternoon to build both of them. Visit my gardening channel: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEASY Cedar Picket Planter BoxesDeck Railing Planters ~ Deck Railing Planter Boxes DiyEasy vertical planter boxes design ideasDIY Vinyl Fence Post Hanging Planter BoxesHome Farm Ideas – Planter Boxes Out of Pallets Design Ideas – Home FarmThe Window Box Guy™, 732-895-6262, Secret Tool Tips, Deck Planter Boxes, Railing Planters

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  • Rocky Shumacher 1 year ago


  • Rocky Shumacher 1 year ago

    Fantastic work! Awesome video too. Love the attention to "food safe" and other functioal details.

  • mustang774 1 year ago

    Very good video. Thanks it was very well explained……..Take care, Bluefin.

  • Mia Atoc 1 year ago

    My neighbor made four of those in cedar wood. i spent a lots on then because i use cedar on sides and a diferente expensive wood to the joints and feet. I spent $250 in all. After 3 years i gave 3 them away. The one left i stain every year is good condition. I just wish I had space (large backyard). it is placed on patio. But i want to keep it now. Spring makes me want to go outdoor and plant. Anyway , they look fantastic! It gives a good touch in the garden!

  • Mark Abolofia 1 year ago


  • zincink 1 year ago

    These look nice. Thanks for the sharing this info.

  • Jack “Sun” June 1 year ago

    Good instruction

  • twowheelmotion 1 year ago

    I'm building some taller versions today! Thanks for the video.

  • wlb2468 1 year ago

    Nice boxes.