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We had nice weather in late winter, so we jumped at the chance to build 3 vertical pallets to expand our garden this year. We walk you through the steps to build it yourself! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Click “Show More” for resources ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Supply List: TOOLS USED IN THIS VIDEO: Palletbuster: Air Compressor: Pneumatic Nail Gun: Landscape Fabric: Table Saw: Staple Gun: MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE: Ramin – Beautiful Woman Chris Coral – Save It Music From Epidemic Sound ( OUR AMAZON AFFILIATE LINK: To run and operate our channel, it does take a lot of work and effort. Your support through using our Amazon link to buy things you already buy, doesn’t cost you anything extra, and it helps support us… thank you! JOIN THE GROW NETWORK (FOR FREE!): We’ve partnered with Marjory Wildcraft and The Grow Network to stop the destruction of the earth and promote homegrown food on every table! If you’d like to promote the program yourself, please sign up through here: DONATE TO WHITE HOUSE ON THE HILL: Thank you for supporting us with your time, kind words, and financial support! We included a link to our PayPal if you are interested in funding our mission to show others the homestead lifestyle and inspire others to grow their own food! VIDEO EQUIPMENT WE USE: Camera / Cannon G7X: Tripod / Jobi Gorilla Pod: Laptop / MacBook Pro: Hard Drive / Seagate 4TB: Editing Software / Final Cut Pro: SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Thanks for watching! Video Rating: / 5 Mobile pallet planter box decorative idea in a rustic style. For this garden planter idea I used a rectangular plastic pot and with a few pallet boards I’ve […]

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  • Keto Country Homestead 3 months ago

    Excellent DIY! Thanks!!! I can’t wait to do these! 🙂

  • Long Nguyen 3 months ago

    Great video! Any chance you remember the dimensions you cut for the support boards?

  • Long Nguyen 3 months ago

    Great video! By any chance do you remember the dimensions you cut for the support boards.

  • St. Fiacre's Farm 3 months ago

    Looks like a fun project!

  • Cassity ART 3 months ago

    They look cool. Do they drain well?

  • Judy s 3 months ago

    I enjoyed watching this i learned something new i didn't know. Hey it won't be long until the weather will started staying warmer, i can't wait. I can't wait to see how you used your pallet garden what you grow in it.

  • bsofar 3 months ago

    Off topic, but have you done a top 10 on dancing homesteaders? If not, of course there's Cog Hill Farm, but another good one would be Bobblehead Homestead. He has at least two really good recent ones. Thanks.

  • Bre Luedtke 3 months ago

    garden fabric will just help to hold your soil in place. It won't stop the wood rot. Either way we love ours and will be making more.

  • Health and Faith Joyce B 3 months ago

    Enjoyed the video with my husband

  • Deb BeCain 3 months ago

    I think I've found some pallets and I'm putting herbs in mine.

  • Mrs Farm Alarm 3 months ago

    Great video! Tracy just said to me yesterday we need to get planting outside in our garden. We have been eating greenhouse goodies for a while. But can't wait to expand outside.

  • Norine Holland 3 months ago

    I’m assuming these are all marked HT for heat treated? Otherwise they may not be safe to plant in due to chemical treated wood.

  • Gerry Marmee 3 months ago

    It seems people are practically drooling to get planting their gardens!!

  • Simply Jan 3 months ago

    Our first garden was a pallet garden. It rocked! We grew so many veggies in such a small place.

  • kleineroteHex 3 months ago

    Ummm, how do I say this nicely? May be watch Doug and Stacy, or Starry Hilder on using pallets for edibles: it's a nono! To many are chemical infected due to what was transported on them, though yours look clean. Just be careful if you put Edibles in there! Please!

  • Dawna Karma 3 months ago

    Great idea Jake and you did a Great job~~Can't wait to see all your plantings in them 🙂 Thank you for sharing 🙂 ~~ Hi Becky~Have fun planting those seeds 🙂

  • Dennis St.Germaine 3 months ago

    Super job and idea! Thanks for sharing. Loved the 'photo bombing brothers' so adorable!

  • Little Creek Homestead 3 months ago

    Nice idea for reusing old pallets!

  • ajames7321 3 months ago

    Great Job, as expected.

  • wood 4 nothing 3 months ago

    Cool planter
    Tim from Wood 4 Nothing

  • เปี๊ยก แม่แตง 3 months ago

    Wow…. Terrific

  • Jeff Libby 3 months ago

    Adding the top to the planter is a nice touch.

  • Todd Rickman 3 months ago

    Awesome just awesome. I especially love the staggered corners reminds me of how you hang cedar shingles on the corner of a old home.

  • Θυμιος Μιχαλατος 3 months ago

    it's very nice

  • Finlay Cook 3 months ago

    Very nice

  • Kathryn Gourley 3 months ago

    Looks wonderful!! I love it

  • coolness1228 3 months ago

    Amazing, makes a lovely accessory to any garden !

  • Rob Townsend 3 months ago

    Love it!!!!

  • Aurelia Simpson 3 months ago

    Mission accomplished 999, someone call the fire department for this hot item. Really nice and pretty especially for summer, 100% would attempt this!

  • The great kids of Greece 3 months ago

    Good job, strong and nice! We also liked the planter and her choice!