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Recently, I moved the 4′ x 8′ box that I was using to grow hydroponic lettuce and other leafy vegetables. It wasn’t easy to move by myself. So I’ve decided to build some smaller boxes, 32″ x 48″. These will be much easier for me to handle. And they will also allow me to do some testing of various fertilizer types and combinations. The boxes are made with 2 x 6 x 8 pine lumber and 7/16 OSB sheeting (plywood). I’m using 6 mil black plastic and 1 inch styrofoam insulation. I did go ahead a put a coat of stain on the boards to give a much better overall presentation. If all goes well, I’ll be using these boxes for a very long time. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBuilding Redwood Planter BoxesGrowbox | Growbox Cloning Tutorial| Hydroponic Grow Boxes For ClonesContainer Gardening: Growing Carrots in Flower Boxes and Onions in Seed Trays – TRG 2015Growing Food in South Florida – Vegetable Garden in Grow Boxes and Moringa Treeshydroponics growing system homemade – Building a hydroponic vertical gardenBEST HYDROPONIC SYSTEM – The ULTIMATE hydroponic system growing over 100 plants in 10 sq feet

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  • Just Blast 1 year ago

    To cut the polystyrene sheet use an old steak knife or the like and heat it with a torch for 10 secs or so and run it along a strait edge as you glide it through the sheet. Literally cuts like butter and seals the foam as you cut. No mess. Same with cutting the hole for net pots. Heat up your hole saw and don't even run the drill just press through the sheet like a cookie cutter. Can't get a cleaner cut.

  • Jose Cantu 1 year ago

    Awesome Videos ,keep them coming . Thanks

  • KM D 1 year ago

    Outstanding video! Thanks very informative!

  • Ryan Martin 1 year ago

    Thanks for the info. I am building some of these this spring. Looking at other setups it seems to me it would be better to use the shiny side up on the foam board to protect it from the UV light which will break down the foam over time.

  • Ushersports 1 year ago

    how do you know when to use an air pump and when not to ?

  • Ushersports 1 year ago

    Thanks a lot for the info. Im new to all of this and im planning on trying this with an empty milk crate lined with a black garbage bag and a 1' x 1' piece of Styrofoam for the top. I hope this works

  • Angie Swyers 1 year ago

    Are you not using an air pump for the water? I could of missed it.

  • Joseph Holtel 1 year ago

    Great videos, thanks.  Since we are not using the "float" as a float, why not use OBS or plywood.  It will certainly hold up better year to year especially outside.  I used 1/4 obs but it is warping.  I suggest 1/2 inch OBS or 5/8 inch is even better.  I got awesome lettuce (especially the romane) the first year.  This year I was too aggressive by planting some squash and pumpkins so even the lettuce did not do well.  I put up a fence on the north side of the box and tried to grow sugar snap peas.  The pumpkins and squash grew too well and quickly.  Next year, just lettuce and maybe one box with the northern row with sugar snap peas.  I like to experiment like you.  Thanks again!!

  • Carmen CES 1 year ago

    that is a really nice green house! I just started watching your videos, I am sure you have one somewhere about how you set up your greenhouse and where you got it. could you please point me in the right direction as to where u got this or what materials you used to make it? Thank you very much, and please keep up the great work :-)

  • Bored Eats 1 year ago

    thank you!

  • Perry Robinson 1 year ago

    Is the plastic used for the boxes food grade? If so, where can it be purchased?

  • dev bachu 1 year ago

    hican I used a 20 20 20all purpose fertilizer to do my hydroponics instead a hydroponics solution

  • FunwiththeGun 1 year ago

    These videos are excellent in quality. Very informative and helpful.

  • Robert Madden 1 year ago

    Bobby, how many gallons will it take to fill the 32 x 48 box utilizing this method? thanks for teaching this

  • Faleh alarabi 1 year ago

    do we need to stir the water around or just leave it as it is ?

  • Organix Girl 1 year ago

    So could I make a smaller box for like a 4×4 area and more holes for vegetables?

  • mike m 1 year ago

    Bobby , would it help to wrap the inside and bottom of the box with styrofoam before installing the plastic ? Possibly use 2x8s to give it room for the additional thickness of the foam . Maybe this will help keep the water an even temp. Also should i use a food grade plastic ? Keep the vids coming , they are truly a blessing . Have a great day !

  • shaggy “thermane” lall 1 year ago

    hey….great video…..does that water remain stagnant from beginning to end?

  • Sanith sok 1 year ago

    excellent. ..!

  • Keith Henry 1 year ago

    I've ordered the net cups, fertilizer, starter cubes and seeds and I'm going to HD for the building supplies tomorrow. I'm probably a bit late but hope to get a crop of lettuce in still this Fall (in Arizona). I've watched many of your hydroponic videos and really appreciate your style. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us. You're the best!