This is part seven of my year-long series where I go through how I design and build my own garden office for the purposes of operating and running my home-based web design and web development business (Made with Fuel).

In this video, I build and insulate the roof, add OSB to my side walls, and make the building weatherproof just in time – stick around until the end to find out why!

As always, I hope you enjoy the video.

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Building My Garden Office: Part 7 – Roof and Wrap

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  • J C

    Great videos. Getting a lot of tips. Just a quick question regarding the tombers getting wet. I'm just starting my build and have chosen concrete blocks sat on compacted hardcore fir the base to sit on. I've gone for untreated timber as I was told this would be fine as long as there is sufficient airflow under the structure etc…. My question is, how much rain exposure can untreated timber take during construction? I'm thinking also about the OSB getting wet. I can cover things with tarps to a point, but there's no getting away from the fact that the timber is going to get wet whilst under construction. I'm guessing it's not such a big deal? Cheers.

  • Liev Garcia

    Hi Jack! I'm progressing through my build slowly but… I'm on the roof part now and getting a little worried about condensation in a cold roof, and whether I should be putting some ventilation between the joists above the insulation (but below osb) for moisture to escape. I didn't notice in your video but maybe you did something similar?

  • Chris Martin

    Jack, top job, a question please, when insulating the roof did you fix the insulation boards directly to the osb roof inside the building or leave an air gap between the roof osb and the insulation for air circulation ?
    Thanks in advance

  • Liev Garcia

    Hi Jack! I've just started mine and making sure materials arrive staggered in time to be used! I almost forgot the wrap and the tape, do you have affiliate links or recommendations? Thank you!

  • bikeybikebike

    Between the top of your side walls and your roof there is a little triangular gap because of the roof slant. How did you deal with that when sealing the room and when you lined the room did you just avoid screwing into the top of the sheets on the side walls because there would have been nothing behind.

  • Chris B

    Hello, enjoying watching this excellent build before taking on a similar challenge. I see you used standard sheets of OSB on the roof. Without noggins supporting the sheet joins, was there any movement when walking around up there? Did you consider tongue & grooved boards? What spacing do you have your rafters? Thanks in advance and good luck with the rest of the build.