When we talk about making a barbecue ourselves we are referring to a brick barbecue. The possibility of making it yourself allows you to customize it and make it suitable for the space available. Before starting the work it is necessary to rely on a competent person or take care of it personally, if you are sure you are capable of it. First of all, a suitable area of ​​the garden must be chosen, which must not be surrounded by too much vegetation and must be sufficiently sheltered from the wind. The heat, in fact, could damage the vegetation and the wind could be a nuisance.

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barbecueOnly after this phase you can proceed with the purchase of the necessary material. Also in this phase it is necessary to be informed about the material to choose. Only refractory bricks are needed, the only ones able to withstand even high temperatures, which aesthetically look like normal bricks but have a red or yellow color. In both cases they are quite resistant. This particular brick must be fixed by means of a special mortar, which allows for a rather solid bond between one row of bricks and another. At the first lighting, you need to dose the amount of heat to avoid damaging the structure and in the following phases you can light any type of fire.

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The space to be dedicated to the barbecue must have a minimum perimeter since it will be necessary to make an excavation that must be covered with large pebbles and gravel, fifteen centimeters deep, to be filled up to the level of the ground. The metal mesh is fundamental, which can be made by a blacksmith or purchased from shops that sell items for the fireplace. It serves as a reinforcement, under which a layer of concrete is spread. Everything must be left unaltered for at least twelve hours. As mentioned, before the construction of the wall with refractory bricks, the cement mortar must be prepared. The joints will have to be very thin to be more resistant to heat and the fixing for the shelves will have to be interposed between one row of bricks and the other. This is how the structure of a chimney-free brick barbecue is created. If you also want to build the flue, it must be made of an adequate height so that the smoke is dispersed at the top and not at the height of the people. The grill must be placed at the same height as a hob, made of metal or cast iron. It can be custom made or it can be purchased from a shop that sells gardening items.

The same care and maintenance must be reserved for the self-made barbecue that is reserved for a prefabricated barbecue. Similarly, to close the area where the grill is present, it is possible to create a small door that can be fixed or interlocking, which will serve to prevent small animals from entering the brazier area. The satisfaction of having created a work on your own is so much and very rewarding to use a barbecue that has been designed and built personally. The economic expenditure will be proportional to the size of the barbecue.

Comparing a prefabricated barbecue with one made independently, you will notice the difference because you can decide to install a comfortable garden sink next to it, to always have drinking water available, and create shelves with wooden shelves underneath it. in masonry, covered with ceramic tiles to facilitate cleaning. In addition, these shelves turn out to be quite comfortable when dishes will have to be placed and you do not have a garden kitchen. Generally the barbecue is given a neutral color, but since it is a completely personal work it can also be colored with bright shades. It is important to have a clear idea because, once made, the barbecue cannot be moved or modified. Taking a cue from some prefab barbecues certainly helps to better calibrate space and size. At the end of the work you will surely realize that you have obtained a good result and your barbecue will have nothing to envy to those already prefabricated. Obviously to do everything it is essential to have free time, or proceed step by step during the weekend, taking it not as a job but as a relaxing hobby that will make the garden even more complete with a barbecue made entirely by itself.

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