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Part 2: How to construct a low pressure aeroponic barrel garden using 600 gph pond pump with 6′ head. This is an intentionally simple design that sacrifices some grow sites in order to make it easier to build/maintain. I mention Bernoulli’s equation when discussing the manifold design. You can get the details on how that works from this video. This is a video of a barrel design that inspired mine. Up to the first rib of the barrel will be buried under ground. This is done to use the earth as a heat sink and also to give higher stability to wind. I am probably going to paint the barrel brown so it blends in with its surroundings (cosmetic reasons). Ideally, the barrel would be painted white to reduce heat gain from the sun. I’m expecting my heat sink design to compensate for the cosmetic color choice. This video outlines the design I’m going with but the garden isn’t finished yet. All more difficult parts are done but I still have to drill all the holes for the plants. The ultimate goal is to run this rig using aquarium water and teach missionaries how to build and operate the system so they can grow food in places where food is more difficult to come by. If a missionary happens to stumble on this video; please feel free to build these gardens in places that need food. I’d be happy to help if you need help learning how to grow with this. I will be outlining various things I learn as I begin growing out of this barrel garden. I’m building the garden bit by bit over a period of time because my other time commitments only give me small blocks of time to work on this. Video Rating: / 5 […]

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  • Martin Whitehurst 1 year ago

    Hey, what kind of pump are you using if you don't mind me asking?? And what spray nozzles? 

  • The Little Whitehouse 1 year ago

    I will have to see how it works.  I've not done aeroponics before.