To be able to build a wood-fired oven in refractory bricks you must first choose the place where to make it: it can be done in a garden or on a terrace, as long as there is sufficient space for both the structure and for those who will use it. The oven must be at least three meters long. For such a plant, the following materials are needed: sand, gravel, cement and iron rods to build a solid base; solid bricks; some hobs to build the hob refractory bricks; cement mortar and high temperature resistant mortar to be placed in the fire chamber. You will then need tools such as a bucket, a hammer, a spade, a drill and a wheelbarrow. The refractory bricks are the most important elements: with these it will be necessary to cover the fire chamber above the support surface. They will be placed on the hob and attached to each other with the high temperature resistant mortar. It will then be necessary to check with the level that the surface built with bricks is free from unevenness.

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wood oven After making a list of all the materials and after purchasing them, you need to make a project of the wood-fired pizza oven that you want to build. A sketch of the oven should therefore be drawn on a sheet with annotations of the measures to be followed. A wood-fired pizza oven must always be built on a solid base, so the first thing to do is think of a solid base. If you intend to build the oven outside, then two additional factors must be considered: humidity and rainwater. In this case, the basement must be built by digging deeper into the ground and equipped with a drainage system capable of preventing any movement of the structure, caused precisely by humidity and rainwater. To remedy this last problem, it is sufficient to include the construction of a small shed in the project, but it always depends on the space available. If, on the other hand, you want to build the oven inside or on a terrace, you must first check, with the help of an expert, the reliability of the floor.

Dome of a wood oven under construction To build a wood-burning oven, simply follow the simple guidelines step by step. First of all, it is necessary to build the base of the load-bearing structure: a hole about 40 centimeters deep must be dug in the ground, which must be filled with a pour of concrete, preceded however by a layer of 4 centimeters of crushed stone for drainage, in case it is built outside. . After leveling the base and waiting for the concrete to dry for at least two days, you can proceed with the construction of the load-bearing walls with solid bricks. The walls must be at least 90 centimeters high, and have a depth of at least 150. Once the walls are completed, at least 10 boards must be placed on top, joined by the cement mortar, to form the base of the hob. At this point it is necessary to cover the hob with refractory bricks, joined by the mortar resistant to high temperatures; the final and most difficult part is the construction of the dome: after having laid the first two rows of bricks, it is advisable to build a dome of damp sand, around which to lay the rest of the bricks to build the structure without problems.

Example of an artisanal wood oven To build an artisanal wood-burning oven, some suggestions must be taken into account during construction: first of all, the base must have a drainage layer; the materials, therefore the bricks, the slabs and the mortar, must always be beaten well and leveled to the millimeter to avoid future sagging or displacements; the bricks should be soaked for a while to prevent them from pulling the water out of the mortar; under the base of the hob, formed by the large boards, it is always better to place an iron plate over the bearing walls, to ensure greater solidity to the structure. As for the shape, the classic one is the dome one but if it proves too difficult to build, it is also possible to make a rectangular parallelepiped-shaped oven, which is easier for those who are beginners with DIY. Building an artisanal wood-fired oven means saving money because the only expense is that of the materials: around 180 euros for solid bricks, around 25 for large blocks, around 200 for refractory bricks, around 50 for mortar and other materials. , certainly less than an oven already made and assembled by workers.

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