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OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY are showing a simple DIY pallet method to grow vertically Subscribe to OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY: WARNING: How to find and use the proper ‘heat-treated’ wood pallet; do not use ‘chemically’ treated wood pallets for indoor furniture, children’s rooms, composting or for food growing; herbs, strawberries, etc… Use only ‘untreated’ or ‘heat’ treated pallets. First, Methyl Bromide (insecticide on wood shipping crates) was phased out as a fumitory chemical in 1995, but some of these pallets may still be around, so look for the symbol on crates. Most pallets in the USA have been heat-treated for foreign pests, the symbol is “IPPC“ and are safe. Pallets used in foreign countries may still contain insecticides. Check your own countries codes for pallet uses. Thanks, and as always, be a safe gardener All you need is 4 free pallets and some free leaves and straw or hay. Just start to layer your leaves then straw then add in a little dirt in the middle. Make sure to put your potato eyes up and then slightly cover the potatoes. As your potatoes grow you will be adding more of your mixture and by the time for harvest you should have a very nice potato haul. HERE IS THE LINK TO THE BAKER CREEK SPRING PLANTING FESTIVAL AND WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE =) SEE YOU TOMORROW DID YOU SUBSCRIBE? *********LET’S GET SOCIAL********* Follow Doug and Stacy: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP “HOMESTEAD HOMIES” : Watch more OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY: RECENT UPLOADS: POPULAR VIDEOS: FORAGING AND FERMENTING: OFF GRID HOMESTEAD REMEDIES: EMAIL: SEND SNAIL MAIL TO: DOUG AND STACY PO box 141 Bowling Green, MO 63334 About OFF GRID with […]

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  • Willow Creek Homestead 6 months ago

    Thanks for using our intro! LOVE using pallets!! Wish our climate was sweet potato growing friendly 🙁 I NEED a green house!!! lol I love watching you guys work together!

  • TheKrazysinner 6 months ago

    I scrolled down and read a few comments to see if this is already mentioned and I did not see it but I did not read every comment so sorry if this is a repeat, but throughout this video you mentioned 2 links you'd put up in the upper corner and neither one was put up. thought you'd like to know.

  • Lindsay Norman 6 months ago

    I love all the uses for pallets, I also love when the ducks or your other live stock wander through the background the ducks in particular are very entertaining to me

  • Gary Baris 6 months ago

    Hi Doug, do you only fill with leaves and straw or do you also add dirt? If you do add dirt, how frequently as opposed to straw and leaves?

  • Regenerate Life Farm 6 months ago

    Lovin' it! Great idea. Leaves for humic compounds. It does wonders for the growing medium. I have made an amazing humic compost with chicken manure and leaves.
    I've made a shelter for my goats with pallets that have tight space slats with a metal roof.
    I've been cuckooed, peacocked, and now roostered. How do you all pull that off?
    God Bless.

  • Penny Broxson Hall 6 months ago

    I'm fix'n to make my pallet potato growing planter my question is can I use pine straw instead of hay or straw ? I live in Florida & have a lot of pine straw

  • Ev Palfy 6 months ago

    Do I add potatoes for each layer

  • Sandi Morreale 6 months ago

    Oh yeah. I have some in the side yard!

  • LISA BOWERS-MCCATHEN 6 months ago

    I'm thinking you could use the same concept for sweet potatoes?

  • Dawg Prepper 6 months ago

    Great video Great idea I am always doing stuff with pallets but I never tried doing potatoes this way, I have most of my potatoes planted but now I will have to try this..Have a great day and God bless.. 😛

  • Brenda Cowell 6 months ago

    very cool, guys! Thanks !

  • Brenda Cowell 6 months ago

    Love your skirt Stacey! love it

  • Kip Smyth 6 months ago

    Cool build. We will copy you on this one. Thx

  • Got our potato pallet structure up and planted…. Fingers Crossed!

  • Tracy Heath 6 months ago

    I had a leaf compost heap that I planted potatoes in and keep adding old cut grass from the fields that we rake up in the summers and I add that to it. Which I have to say is doing way beyond what I expected. Already blooms on the green. I am thinking that I will try this pallet idea because it will keep the dry grass or straw more contained and on the plants and not slip off with the wind etc. Love that skirt Stacy, really inspires me to save me summer dresses, cut them in squares and sew me up a perrrrty skirt. ooooops wait a sec…. Wanted to ask you, is that compost from your pile or did you buy some like Black Cow?

  • Valley Creek Vizsla 6 months ago

    Looks great! Keep us posted on how you bury things along the way, and how the harvest goes.

  • scottkb2000 6 months ago

    Is there a video showing the end result of this process?

  • Daphne Berntsen 6 months ago

    Thank you very interesting.

  • Dale Folck 6 months ago

    have to have thr right ones for this to work