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Kevin builds a trellis to install into one of the raised beds. the trellis is 8′ long by about 5’5″ tall with 8″ by 8″ squares. please check us out at: find us on Face Book: Music: Finding the Balance Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsInvisible Trellis – A cheap raised bed trellis system1-2-3 Done! – Building a Cucumber TrellisHog Panels Make the Best Trellis for Growing Vertical in a Raised Bed GardenBuilding a Raised Garden BedBuilding a Metal Raised Bed for the Vegetable Garden Video.wmvBuilding Raised Garden Beds For Schools and More – GardenFork

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  • Lucas Grows Best 7 months ago

    Very elegant trellises you made there! Excellent video. I always make sure I put my glasses on a table to avoid stepping or sitting on them (LOL). Liked and subscribed to your channel. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Jay gunjal 7 months ago

    great idea with pvc pipes

  • PinayInFrance 7 months ago

    You really have some nice trellis there. My husband made two for me but found that they were difficult to hold still. Thank you for the pvc idea.

  • Moti Nowrangi 7 months ago


  • mark webber 7 months ago

    I cant watch anymore. …..its only trellis. …!!!!……not victorian furniture. .!!

  • Steve Watton 7 months ago

    Great video and plan, which I've adapted for my own purposes. Question for you, though: Are those really 2" pvc pipes? 1 x 2's are actually 0.5 x 1.5, and my own experimentation shows that even two of them rattle around easily inside a 2" pipe. The fit much better into a 1.5 " pipe. Thanks!

  • MrTeenwolf82 7 months ago

    That is funny in the end because i got the same identical glasses and got step on bend the same way who coincident is that

  • Mortgage Financing 7 months ago

    jim Carey's Brother

  • Joy Milligan 7 months ago

    Great video. Exactly what I was trying to learn to do. Thanks! Adding it to my project list.

  • Juanita Flores 7 months ago

    So  easy.  Going to do it as a fence.

  • Le Chi Phuong 7 months ago

    Thanks for sharing. I definitely will try to make one as this looks easy.

  • Victoria L. 7 months ago

    very nice looking trellis.  I especially like the pvc pipes you used to hold the trellis in place in the ground.

  • Korkie moore-bruno 7 months ago

    This was an awesome 'how to video.'  I can barely hammer a nail into a board straight.  However, you instructions are so clear and simply.  I may have go just try it out.  I am wondering if you think something like this would work out for a wisteria plant? Thanks

  • James TcAz 7 months ago

    Great video. I am definitely going to be using this as a guide!!