I had to build a tall semi permanent garden trellis to grow a very long variety of Italian/Sicilian squash called “Cucuzza”. I used T-posts, cattle panels, electrical conduit and wired it all together. The cattle panels are 8ft long and 50 inches high that I purchased at Tractor supply. The T-posts were 8ft tall and I also used electrical conduit that I bought at Home depot.
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Take a look at how I’ve been growing my vertical garden using cattle panel trellis.
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Building a tall cattle panel garden trellis

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  • Mrs.Layton'sClass

    I can't wait to see the cocuzza and cucuzile you grow! We grow the same squash, and a few other Italian squashes that are in addition to zucchini. Nice! Can't wait to see what comes up for you! Try groeing trompete as well!

  • SouthernStar

    Really liking your videos so far. What part of Texas are you in? Interested to see what type of crops work where you are at!

  • scott zellner

    Hey Pete might be a good idea to seal the ends of the conduits to keep wasps and other weapon type insects from building houses in there

  • Home In The Sticks

    Trellis is looking really good, that's pretty much how I grow all my climbing crops!!! Thanks for sharing Em!!!! Dan

  • 50 shades of green

    What a cool idea !! Them cattle panels must be called something else here in the UK as I've been looking for these and can't find them !! thanks for sharing

  • William Coleman's Garden and Allotment

    The couple of pumpkin plants that I'm growing also have that powdery leaf, one looks just about dead now but I'm hoping the pumpkin will ripen. Bobmels Garden has a similar cattle thingy that Mel grows stuff up. Are you going to leave it be in the winter? A lot those pumpkins look like little jackolanterns, sugar pumpkins you say? What are you going to do with them all? I'm going to send you a PM, check you YT inbox.

  • Carl and Dawn Homestead

    The garden is looking great.  I use cattle panel for my trellis' as well.  Thanks for sharing and have a blessed week.

  • A little dirt never hurt

    Those look like they work great! Quite a bit more pricey up here, but you should have them for years, The only negative I see is season extension would be hard with them up. I have wanted some of those panels for a while, and yours cement that for me. Nice to see your gardening assistant. Hi Jack! ( Things you don't yell in an airport )

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