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Pa Mac quickly builds a small log chicken house from materials on hand. But this episode to speaks to something just a tad deeper than extra room for a few chickens: That inner conflict of perfectionism that sometimes affects people in varying degrees. Watch the show and—if you’ve got an extra minute—leave a comment elaborating on what you think he’s trying to say. Be sure and subscribe to the Farm Hand’s Companion channel to keep up with the progress as Pa Mac takes an undeveloped piece of property and turns it into a small subsistence farm. Watch for new episodes as often as Pa Mac can crank ’em out and still run a farm. (As long as he’s alive and kicking, he’s most assuredly farming and filming!) Also visit to find articles, posts, photographs, and encouragement for today’s self-sufficient farm or homestead. Related PostsBuilding an Old-fashioned Pole Barn, Pt 6 – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 12Planting Heirloom Apple Trees on the Small Farm – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 7Homemade Lumber for the Small Farm or Homestead – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 5Old-fashioned Pole Barn, Pt 4 – Framing the Roof – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 9Clearing Land for Farming or Homesteading – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 2A tour of my organic vegetable garden and the chicken house

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  • Anya Enchant 10 months ago

    wahahah, nice proyect!

  • Kimberly Young 10 months ago

    Wow! What an enjoyable and fun "how-to" video. I will be sure to catch up on your previous and future vids. By the way, a big HELLO! from eastern Washington State!

  • Genadijus Puskinas 10 months ago

    what's the music please? thankyou

  • Peter Gee 10 months ago

    Am i dreaming or in the start were there chickens in stacked cages? Complete disregard to the welfare of these prisoners. Unbelievable!

  • Fae Touched 10 months ago

    What is your suggestion for preventing critters like foxes or raccoons from getting into the coop? The raccoons out here are nearly the size of dogs, and some are VERY aggressive. I've had to smack one away with a shovel when it tried to attack me in the garage (it was a male, not a female protecting babies).

  • Lock n Load 10 months ago

    Love your video's Pa Mac. So simple yet functional. Please keep em coming

  • The Red Pill - Can You Handle The Truth? 10 months ago

    I don't watch a video to read captions, not everyone has great eyesight or big displays. Thumbs down, skipped this video

  • Marc Sa 10 months ago

    nice video

  • Chris Is 10 months ago

    Lovely content, far above average… but MAN, that music… why??? After 2 times it gets mind numbing, so repetitive, what's the added value?
    Tons of respect to you guys who create such great stuff and thank you for it, but I just don't get it.
    Fouch-o-matic and many others: same thing. There simply is no NEED for the music, the footage is excellent as is!

    Oh well… great channel!

  • Matt Langholtz 10 months ago

    Dude u r the Zen master.

  • Alejo Eremita 10 months ago

    I wish I lived in a farm. I live in one of the largest cities in the world and I've spent most of my Sunday watching your videos and envying your way if life.

  • JPVegh 10 months ago

    which took longer, the chicken coop or the video?

  • Thoughts In Passing 10 months ago

    What did you use for nest ?  Can you reach the nesting box from outside ? What did you use to make the door to secure them at night ? Will you be mudding the cracks in the future to 'winterize' the chicken coop ?  Inquiring minds want to know…the rest of the story 🙂

  • Dalevara Merlo 10 months ago

    love how you built such a gorgeous coop by creatively re cycling and resourcing all the materials lying around that still had use left in them, brilliant! Love the creative way you shared this with us too!

  • matthew spalding 10 months ago

    I absolutely love that music! I find myself humming it all day after watching your videos. In my opinion these are the best homesteader videos out there

  • 3rdcoastyakr 10 months ago

    i like the way you think

  • Pasha Panfilov 10 months ago

    nice )

  • AnnyaMoon 10 months ago


  • Romelia Polly 10 months ago

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