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* All of our archived videos are on our website at as well as on our Facebook page and updates to the channel can be found at our Instagram page * A quick guide on what you need to build a basic small grow tent setup for 0 or less. Grow Tents 1.5×1.5×4 Grow Tent: 2x2x4 Grow Tent: Blue/Red LED Grow Light MarsHydro 300w LED Grow Light: (Great Budget Option) VIPARSPECTRA 300w LED Grow Light: COB Grow Light MaceGrow 450w COB/LED Combo Grow Light: (Highly Recommended) Roleadro 800W COB Full Spectrum Grow Light: Hygrometer: Inline Fan / Carbon Filter / Ducting Combo: Want to support the channel and get early access to all our videos? Join our Patreon at: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsIndoor PVC Hydroponic NFT / DFT Grow System. DIY Food Production for a Small SpaceCLICK & GROW SMART GARDEN UNPACKING AND SETUP | urban and indoor gardening The Daily WondersComplete 4×8 Grow Tent Setup For Growing Cannabis! – Indoor GardenDIY Grow Light Setup For Indoor Gardening: Cheap and SimpleBuilding a Discrete Indoor Cannabis Grow Tent – Autoflower GrowGC101: $200 Basic Grow Tent Setup & Indoor Grow Tutorial

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  • Mr. Nugglas 1 year ago

    Question: does one need the ventilation hosing if they are growing in an apt complex(just one plant)??

  • Aaron Games Online 1 year ago

    How do I control humidity

  • jasonauslander 1 year ago

    Good god. I didn't know growing weed was so complicated. Doesn't this stuff grow naturally?

  • Rick Monroe 1 year ago

    how do you power the computer fans?

  • Terkel Algevind 1 year ago

    The "300w" Viparspectra can also grow 1g/w each time. Pretty good at the pricepoint!

  • butaicho 1 year ago

    Ok, Needed: Small grow tent 2 X 2 X 4, ($40-$50) Blue / Red LED Lights ($60-$100) in 100-200watt
    Basic P.C. Exhaust fan ($5-$10) Basic Clip on Fan ($5-$10) Hygrometer thermometer ($10)
    4" Filter / Fan / Ducting ($100) I can do this !

  • SkelyStorm 1 year ago

    Who have desktop PC can put pot inside pc and that will grow more quickly 😀 and dont forgot to put rgb to your pc xD

  • 2x2x4 Grow tent grower 1 year ago

    2x2x4 grow tent huge buds 3 oz off of 1 plant

  • justin rob 1 year ago

    What if your grow tent is throwing air out of your tent into a rooms air

  • Trey Bailey 1 year ago

    Will this stink up your house? I just want to grow one plant but I’m in an apartment

  • Chris Dub 1 year ago

    where can i get that set up ?

  • Red Spades 1 year ago

    How much scent does one plant produce should I get a carbon scrubber if I’m in an apartment

  • Jimmy lean 1 year ago

    It's really beautiful how the plants dance

  • Everything Cannabis 1 year ago

    Videos are super informative

  • Drakkarsh 1 year ago

    This video will help to starters and budgets. Keep it up Sensei!

    I have a question, I have tried before the cannabis tea but it didn’t affect me much. If you know how to do it well you can make a video if you want. I bet you will do it awesome. I know there are like a hundred videos about it, but I trust you more than any other channel in all YouTube.

  • Justin Sim 1 year ago

    Welcome back.

  • Lux197live 1 year ago

    Another way is to buy everything from a local seller aka Craigslist. I got a 4×4 tent, 960 w Mars Hydro, 2 fans, a bottle of calmag, 3 small inline fans and ducting for $200. Of course I still had to spend on a thermometer, soil, nutrients, ph meter, ph up ph down, etc but it was a great deal! Thanks weedinapot! I’m always tuning in 🙂 love the content

  • Happythoughts411 1 year ago

    Wicked vid as always!