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Hey guys! Here’s my take on making a shed for my terrace to expand a bit my working space and mostly store the big power tools. Still need to work out a few more details and the inside part 🙂 I’ll probably make a video about that as well later on. Hope you enjoy the video and find the project interesting! Bosch is supporting this project and I can only recommend their tools as I find them truly high quality and I am proud of having them around. Check out the tools used in this video: Mini Angle Grinder – Driller/Driver – Impact Driver – Hammer driller – Plunge Saw – Miter Saw – Palm Router – Patreon Get T-shirts and stickers Social media Instagram Facebook Twitter Here’s my PO Box if you want to send a letter Cristiana Felgueiras Apartado 43 Batalha – Porto 4031 – 401 Porto Portugal Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPrairie Green RoofGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.Shipping container house – Green roofOptigrBriggs Ave Green Roof ShedHow to fit a green roof to a garden shed


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  • v mol 2 weeks ago

    do you have a video where you do a full tool list of all the tools you own/use? thanks

  • Tony Stark 2 weeks ago

    Does she have a work or job? I want to be like her

  • Sebastian Brenner 2 weeks ago

    your videos are just so satisfying to watch.. xD

  • D. Evora 2 weeks ago

    7:59 XD

  • goncalo dordio 2 weeks ago

    Olá Cristiana. Parabéns por mais um fantástico trabalho. As ferramentas Bosh são realmente fabulosas e são uma grande ajuda. Podes dizer-me onde arranjaste a ferramenta do pocket hole? Felicidades

  • Joker Abd 2 weeks ago

    I love you

  • davecsaszarable 2 weeks ago

    Great video as usual. I live in Finland so a Terra for me would be untouchable. As much sun as I can get

  • Mert Senturk 2 weeks ago

    Is bosch your sponsor ? And are your neighbours complaining about you (Noise)

  • Сергей Корольков 2 weeks ago

    Good job !

  • Joanne Carroll 2 weeks ago

    love that grass roof.

  • Anthony Wheeler 2 weeks ago

    Such a talent!

  • The Naked Carpenter 2 weeks ago

    The grass roof is on point! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Amir Muslim 2 weeks ago

    Wow at the level of work.

  • Arwan Sutanto 2 weeks ago

    have you ever made the wrong hole and have to replace it with new material? I just saw this video and your work is so perfect

  • HePaKu Ze 2 weeks ago

    Hi Cristiana, another great project ! Nice work, good luck

  • milagros mittelmeyer 2 weeks ago

    hi! sorry for my english but I’m still learning, my suggestions is that you can put an automatic arm, i mean like the kitchen shelves, maybe if it’s not too heavy

  • Pol le Libre 2 weeks ago

    Like your project.
    I lived in Canada before and now in nothern europe.
    I missed 2 x 4 s and finally discovered that they have them here in europe also.
    They are either called SLS (swedish lumber system)
    or CLS (canadian lumber system) and they are fairly inexpensive.
    They come in various sizes but they have a size that matches a 2 x 4.
    Ask your local lumber yard about them.

  • Best Access Doors 2 weeks ago

    Great job! Will you be doing more videos on this topic soon?

  • Miss Piglet 2 weeks ago

    Can you make sunglasses using the carve machine?

  • Life of Horse 2 weeks ago

    You're awesome!