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  • HydroponicsIsCool

    +WakeUpB4uDie I actually will shortly. I didn’t like how the water spray
    worked so Im working on a redesign of that part. Running some tests now and
    will have a follow up video soon.?

  • 1mtstewart

    Is an ellipse necessary? wouldn’t a three inch round hole in the bottom om
    your elliptical pipe allow for root growth and nourishment? what crops will
    grow in this space? great instructional video! thanks for exploring!?

  • HydroponicsIsCool

    See if I can answer some of your questions.
    – Yes they are cut at 45 degrees
    – Post stands up fine in the bucket
    – On larger pump, it may not fit in the bucket with the post over it
    – the pipe pieces are gluon ON to the post. Make sure you line up with the
    bottom of the hole.
    – I just use the clay balls, no soil?

  • Lori Munn

    That is awesome!!!! I sure wish I was handy like this because I had to pay
    around $45 a month to get anything similar! (Tower Garden) Someday I may
    try this so thanks for sharing. ?

  • abultube1

    I’m not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about diy aquaponics
    system plans try Tarbetti Amazing Aquaponics Tutor (just google it ) ? Ive
    heard some great things about it and my mate got excellent success with it.?

  • Ricky Lam

    I just wonder if it is necessary to run the pump so often. If you put grow
    medium inside especially something that can hold a lot of water. Is it
    possible to just drench it with water once in awhile without a pump? ?

  • Obdulio Cerceno

    Thankyou for the illustration! I appreciate your generosity to share
    knowledge. I will try it following your great example!!!?

  • Jerry Hendrix

    Excellent video. I am just starting mine and I built a box for a four inch
    cutoff and the 45 degree cut with a hand saw. I first used some carburetor
    cleaner and took off all the markings on the pipe.Thank You for posting
    this excellent video.?

  • John Wichmann

    Hey there. Nice build. Is there an update? Also I am confused on the
    “pyramid top”. Did you buy two and cut one? Can you please clarify? ?

  • Cloud Twirl

    the upside down actually made my brain hurt… Also random thought… If
    you were to open up an area in your yard to make a sort of pond that could
    fit a few of these towers in them and then filled the pond with fish… It
    would make for a great looking Aquaponics system?

  • Nizam Uddin

    +HydroponicsIsCool did you update your system? what kind leafy green you
    tried? is the grow tower get lighting problem? ?

  • Jason Owl

    Nice work but the shaky and moving video makes me wants to puke. Hmm…this
    is good if I want to go on a diet. Watch shaky video :D?

  • Ogawa47

    Hi Jeff! I’m trying to get into hydroponic gardening on the cheap and I
    found your tutorial to be one of the best and easiest around. I’m very new
    to gardening in general, so re: your advice about tomatoes and small roots
    systems – can chicken wire or a cage be used to accommodate for vine-y
    plans (such as tomatoes and cucumbers), and can roots systems be regularly
    pruned on larger plants without harming them so as to keep the inside of
    the garden clear for the “rainfall?”

    I love your website, by the way! Thanks in advance for any help!?

  • Coleman Discompard

    The issue with hydroponics is you have to buy “plant food” or nutrition and
    supplements that can be high-priced.?

  • Russell Rosa

    Nicely done , however I like the aeroponics for bigger yeild with less
    usseless plant material and faster yield time too. Again however ot has no
    remorse for mistakes.?

  • tripledstickers

    Why couldn’t you use the same type of cement used when installing pvc pipes
    and fittings together? Wouldn’t it actually melt the parts together? ?

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