I’m showing the steps I take to make a grow tower. I show the tools I use and the process to begin laying out and marking the hole placements. As I say in the video, I tend to get pretty anal with some things. As a former long-time carpenter, using math, laying out and marking for a job are examples of that. The steps I go through are really more for me to stay in practice. You can just eyeball the whole thing if you want. After all, we ain’t buildin’ a rocket ship here.

Procedure I used on the green barrel

Link to Maximizing Garden Space techniques

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this is a video showing how i made my grow towers for my aquaponics. Im currently growing tomatoes, strawberries, sweet peas, green onions, and lettuce in these. I only have four in my greenhouse at the moment, but Im working on more.
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Building a Grow Tower

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