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  • Mc Ben 7 months ago

    My aunt told me I had to visit Simply Love Gardening (search google for it!). It had everything I needed all in one place.

  • Nathan Stotts 7 months ago

    That rig you used for cutting angles…where would one obtain said rig?


    Hi good info thanks.

  • marshall reagan 7 months ago

    why did you build the greenhouse shorter than you are?

  • William Jones 7 months ago

    good vid

  • justin casuforgota 7 months ago

    not to crazy about a solid wood wall kind of blocks the sun out ya think

  • Jennifer Grove 7 months ago

    Yuuuuuuup. I saw that too.

  • UNFREE U S A 7 months ago

    Make sure to dill pilot holes so the boards don't split – LIKE he did NOT DO !