Added by on 2016-01-18 I hope this video will show how and encourage people to build their own Ebb and Flow Hydroponics System. This is a fun hobby for me and I believe other people would enjoy it too if they knew how easy and relatively inexpensive it can be. Why an Animated Version? It allows me to show the inner workings of how this Ebb and Flow system works. I suspect this is something a person who has never seen one in action would want to see. It will also take some of the mystery out of it. This shows how simple a Hydroponics system can be. It also allows me to show variations without having to build several systems. And finally, I wanted to do an animated video and try out the Narration feature of Windows Movie Maker. LOL Special Thanks to my You Tube friends (Kev & Rick) The Honest Guys. They seem to have such a good time making videos, it encourages me to keep trying. Check out their channel Clean fun, good friends, and great advice. Definitely worth subscribing to. Video Rating: / 5 You asked and we posted!!! This vid shows the hydrolic/pneumatic mechanics behind the system! Very easy, very cheap!! Watch on… Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponics DIY: Build A Flood And Drain / Ebb and Flow Hydroponic SystemHome Made Ebb and Flow or Flood and Drain system. DIY HydroponicsHow To Set Up Hydroponics Flood and Drain System (Ebb and Flow)How to set up an Ebb and Flow / Flood and Drain Hydroponics Growing System – PART 1 of 6Hydroponics How To: How to Build a Flood and Drain Hydroponic System4 DIY Hydroponics Systems (Rotating Garden, Ebb Flow Flood & Drain, Arduino Controller, Mini Tanks)

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  • your profile pic is awesome XD?

  • Iwatcher 2 years ago

    Thank you so much very informative.?

  • Anthony Smithe 2 years ago

    I really liked your video. Very helpful.?

  • Emanuel Franco 2 years ago

    you are good pro nice demonstration self explanatory

  • By Joe For Joe 2 years ago

    I did this exact setup. My only exception is that I am utilizing 2 "under the bed" plastic storage bins for my flood trays. At 7" deep (and 18"x3.5'), they work very well. Had to light proof them using black duct tape, but they work perfectly. I find its best for me to keep the flood and drain in the middle. The extra weight naturally makes it sag, so theoretically, it helps my drainage. Great video!?

  • Phima Bina 2 years ago

    The issue with hydroponics is that you will have to buy "plant food" or nutrition and supplements which can be high-priced.?

  • Greg Binkard 2 years ago

    Wow you did a fantastic job producing this video!

  • Steven Martin 2 years ago

    very well put together and a great help. Thank you

  • Carolyn H. Ferris 2 years ago

    Thank you for the movie.
    The disadvantage of hydroponics is you must buy "plant food" or nutrition and supplements which can be high-priced. Aquaponics combines the most beneficial components of Hydroponics And Aquaculture which means reduce price and enhance efficiency

  • SunDownPoint 2 years ago

    Very nicely made, thank you.

  • Lee d 2 years ago

    Thanks. Your the only one I've found that explains how to build and how it works .

  • MrJohndolson 2 years ago

    Best vid i found on youtube explaining how ebb n flow works. I think it would help alot of hydro growers if there were more animations like this on the internet!! Awsome job !

  • tTatmosT 2 years ago

    You're right about that. What I meant to say was that the air pump causes some turbulence in the reservoir (some extra movement of water, besides the water pump). At least in my hydroponic system it does.

  • Michael steffens 2 years ago

    No a Water pump stops organisms growing by the movement of the water- an Air pump Helps these organisms and fungi grow as they obtain more oxygen (needed by all things to grow) thats why you need a Water pump to help the water flow- to stop growth and increase the amount of air going to the root system and nutrient base and an oxygen pump in general is a great idea- The more oxygen your plants get the healthier they will be in a general.

  • FenderGibsonWashburn 2 years ago

    This one I use a siphon pump. They cost around $10 in the automotive section of most stores. The tub is up on a bench so once you get the solution flowing it will drain into a bucket. Just put the siphon hose down through the overflow tube. Later ones I added a tube in the side towards the bottom like with my Top Drip Bucket System. It lets you check the solution level and drain it. It doesn't get every drop out but that didn't cause a problem. Thanks for the questions.

  • AJ Burnham 2 years ago

    Hello sir, Im curious what the nute change out process is like? Do you have to shopvac it dry every change? what do you do when the plants are large and have to move the table to extract the old nutes and add more.

  • tTatmosT 2 years ago

    Besides providing extra aeration to the roots, a air pump also prevents fungi and other organisms from growing in the reservoir.

  • Nacho Dos 2 years ago

    Great video. what do you think about this aeroponic system?

  • rcmagoo 2 years ago

    Great video for those who need to know how a flood and drain systems. I've built a few of this type of system. I have a video that describe building a basic system. Thanks

  • ian holland 2 years ago

    exellent video …..easy system aswell thanks a lot really helped me out

  • LocustStar 2 years ago

    Tempted to try this at home, have some spare parts from our aquarium including an air pump so, why not? I'm more concerned about lighting as it's still winter here in Ireland, dropping below freezing with very little sun.

    As for the Basil, shoulda made a big jar of pesto!?

  • nutbrittle 2 years ago

    Cool! I want to use it on my orchids which I'm growing hydroponically. Can I use a larger reservoir, attach 6 tubes and branch them out to 6 different pots? ?

  • Jesse Rodriguez 2 years ago

    wow… you get

  • Deez nuts 2 years ago

    I want to grow bud and ur voice is annoying u sound like a fag?

  • Isacc Barron 2 years ago

    Lol it sounded like you were wearing high heels at 6:00?

  • Bored Eats 2 years ago

    no f*cking way im drilling glass?

  • Me Craig 2 years ago

    Simplicity at its finest…..Cool?

  • ChienPing Yu 2 years ago

    Please help

  • Jen M 2 years ago

    Cool Tips,but the set might very expensive.?

  • Coleman Discompard 2 years ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is that you have to purchase "plant food" or nutrition and supplements that are costly.?

  • pezo67 2 years ago

    where can I buy a valve like that??

  • ima bemedou 2 years ago

    Just lower the water level in the jar…………………………………………………………………?

  • SweetPotato Dingo 2 years ago

    What type of water pump is that?

  • A.McK 2 years ago

    Maybe You explained and I didn't hear it – but what is the pump for? Doesn't it

  • misselissalk 2 years ago

    A couple questions, and I do apologize if they have been asked and answered before. 1. How often do you have to replace the solution? I noticed you said you just top off the water when is starts getting low, but how many times can you get away with that before needing to add more nutrient solution? 2. Did you start seeds in the cup or did you have to buy an already established plant? 3. I thought

  • Rang Trinat 2 years ago

    The disadvantage of hydroponics is that you will need to shop for "plant food" or nutrients and supplements which are pricey.?

  • Maple Flagg 2 years ago

    Why does it have to have a drain time? Will it kill the plants if it is filled and bubble with air continuously. Please don't think I am being curt or anything. I am just new to this.?

  • romanticshadow s 2 years ago

    do you have to use the liquid stuff? why not just water??